LARPBook has a history of highlighting LARP projects looking for funding. The majority of these have been film projects. This one is a little different

Gideon Lawrence is looking for funding so he can make himself available as a story-teller, LARP organiser, and trainer. I find the trainer component interesting as Gideon is looking pass on techniques for story telling and and fighting with prop weapons.

You can find out more about Gideons plans at

He’s also available to talk to anyone who is interested on Facebook – you’ll find him friendly , eager to pass on his message and willing to explain his message. I quite like opening of his mission statement:

My Name is Gideon Lawrence

If there are two things I am good at in this world it is talking the hind leg off a donkey and getting people to run around fields with swords.

It’s also a good indicator for the hobby that we are seeing more and more people wanting to work in it at a professional level.


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