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It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while but I finally decided to see what would happen if I created a Facebook¬† page for LARPbook. My hope in doing this is that it would lower the barriers for people wanting to talking about or submit information to Larpbook.

You see I’ve noticed that the contact and submit event pages on Larpbook get plenty of traffic but not so many people actually making use of them. By adding Facebook into the mix – a system that a great many people use daily I’m hoping to get far more comments, requests, plugs etc. Of course that does not give me carte-blanche to copy things into Larpbook. What is does give me is the means to talk to people so that we can reach an agree on what stays on Facebook and what makes it’s way onto the pages of Facebook.

You may ask why Facebook? Simply because I know there a large number of Larpers out there using the system. I know that masses of Larpers uses other Social Media such as Google+ and I am thinking that should be the next place to add a community page – but I need to take time over these. Until Larpbook has a larger number of authors submitting material I do need to pace myself as to how much I take on.

So Larpbook is dipping its toe into Facebook. Hopefully good things will happen and it will expand as a community

If you’d like to join in – this is where to go:¬†https://www.facebook.com/larpbook/


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