From time to time LARP gets press cover. Sometimes it is good – see LARP Playing a Positive Role in Healing, more often the experience has not been so great.  Although I am getting a feeling that we are at a point where the media is covering Larp in a more positive manner and trying harder to understand the culture behind LARP.

This is where LARP The Movie comes in. A Kickstarter project that aims to fund a good film about LARP.

Right now I am thinking that is project to watch if not back.

I should note that this is not a random post about a Kickstarter project that I happened to find out about, A very eloquent email came to me and this caught my attention. Its not easy to write a cold email that will get someone to spend time taking a look at something. The approach that came my way was great. It talked to the Larper and the editor in me.

Back to Larp the Movie.

Looking at the material there seems to be a genuine feeling for and understanding of the people that like to go out and regardless of the methods used create the immersive live fiction that is live. The videos have fun with the idea, but looking at them I just get the feeling that this both the right kind of respect and self-effacing humour that is needed in the production method.

In addition to the Kickstarter video take a look at the Larp the Movie Website, in particular the galleries and story information. I think (or at least hope) there is something good there.



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