I was recently part of a Facebook discussion regarding the UK Larp Awards.  It was being held in the group for Balrog games and concerned how the voting for the Larp awards actually worked. To his great credit Ian from Having a Larp explained the procedure to us. Here it is – reproduced with permission

The judges vote, not the public.
The shortlist were constructed from who got the most public nominations, then a panel of judges decided the winners from there.
More nominations (and comments as to why you’re nominating) mean more chance of getting on the short list, the comments are what’s important for the judges after that, they also look at things like your websites, forums, Facebook and other social media presence, pictures of your events and other things that they each individually think are important.
Hope that helps

It looks to me that it is all about building up a picture of each category based on public nominations and available public evidence. The good thing here is that as the awards expand so should good information about Larp events in the UK.

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