If you’re a regular reader you cannot but help but noticed that LARPBook has been a little quite for a few weeks now. This is a little uncharacteristic so I felt it worth talking about. A couple of things all happened at once to me and which had the cumulative effect of

  1. Going on a break – which had been preplanned any way
  2. Having a bout of writers block – I was finding it hard to come up halfway decent ideas for posts.

The writers block was the biggest problem to over come as despite the notes I’ve been making to give me back up material just in case I really couldn’t get things together.

So I decided not to worry. To occasionally post on G+ and Twitter and to let things run a natural course.

That seems to have helped as a I have a few more ideas now and feel much more comfortable sitting here knowing that this week posts will be made to LARPBook and hopefully they will be good. I’ll almost certainly be looking at some projects that I’ve noticed on Google+.

Of course doing things this way probably has not been good for the reader. There is a part of me that thinks I should have posted some kind of update. I think on reflection that I should have done that. It would have been more open and politer. I’ve learned a lesson there. Why didn’t I? I think I didn’t want to be seen to be saying that life blogging is hard. I did not want to be seen to be whining when what I am doing is something of a privileged position to be in.

One important point this does illustrate is that I need to attract a lot more writers. Its much harder to block a lot of writers at once. If you would like to contribute to LARPBook please get in touch. My dream is make LARPBook a really useful resource for larp players and organisers and I think that to achieve this I need more manpower.

I’d like to thank Drew Coffman on Flickr for the use of the picture on this post.

More details at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4815205740/in/photolist-8kvbUC-7Lqvbq-dMozUF-dtq9yr-8cUh7X-auapCr-evLZS2-evM5FX-ebHFEq-daQimU-cC3ud3-da9Qih-9vXYwP-98YRsC-8DT8fX-f6RSZD-cR3oo5-9aGmu9-bVHQYD-9rh3Bc-8Yfnr3-9aGiVj-9aGjWh-9aD9LD-9aGkMj-97kH3U-8shQ7u-8cpxRL-8m5cC5-dHm9NM-bAJoTW-7WYdKt-9ArWVg-9ArWWg-9AuSsu-9ArWYg-87EvFA-9ihf6y-a3k9WG-asgMUi-7J86GB-7PrwbL-9ZNt6t-cWmXJm-7HCV1X-7HCV4Z-8Ud4T3-dr4Bcx-7HUBaR-8tkkY2-e5RnkX

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