I have a question and it may sound at first to be a little stupid. I wonder the what your favourite genre of LARP to play in is? Is it low fantasy, high fantasy, modern day, horror, post-apocalypse or so on? The reason I say it may be dumb is that fantasy LARP Games at first sight appear to outnumber all other game types. Surely then if more people play Fantasy then fantasy will be your favourite genre to LARP? Or will it?

I ask for a good reason. First of all I play in several fantasy LARPs – and I often write for one and I love it. Yet if you asked my my favourite genre I would say it would be a game with strong SF, horror, gothic, surrealist, modern and perhaps anachronistic elements. Not your traditionĀ  Fantasy game at all and I wonder how many players out there are like that – we play and love fantasy and but also love something else, something that is quite different. My second reason for asking is research – I’d like to know so that I can publish something that gives games organisers an unscientific but perhaps thoughtful poll on what people prefer. It’s something I’d like to see.

My final reason for asking is that I have seen a lot of interest since starting LARPBook in non traditional games – especially in my coverage of Nordic LARP – so rather than just reporting I’d like to add something into the mix – that being some thoughts of actual players.

So what do you like?

Comments below please.



The feature picture for this post comes fromĀ  Bill Strain on Flickr – full information at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/billstrain/5485473733/

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