is a new site with a very big aims – to become an independent database of all things related to LARP.  At this point in time the site is developing its look and feel whilst amassing information about specific systems. Some of these are being added by the sites developer – although there is an option to submit details of your system. I would encourage you to send details – sites like this depend on good information from the community.

Although there are a good many sites that document available systems and aims is trying one thing that does make it stand out from the pack. Its taking a leaf out of the social media book to also include information on the games systems, background, factions and major characters as well as events. Given time this could make it a great resource for looking at what is going on in Larp. By way of example here is the link for Empire –  it is pretty good.

The developers are working too a roadmap that allows for the addition of content whilst developing features. This is an approach I understand – it’s how I’ve been developing LARPBook.

I hope does well. Its a good idea and I am keen on new ways that help players find games and learn about systems and settings.




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