I have a great affection for LARPs that go beyond Fantasy and when I heard that a new Zombie LARP system was being put together I had to find out more. When I did I realised that it was early days – but early days with fantastic potential. I suspect that I am going to be following the development of this system.

Here’s what I know – it looks like it is related to the Larpcraft system.

There is a fantastic teaaser video

The social media presence is up and running with Twitter and Google+ accounts and a Facebook page up and running.

I think at this stage the best I can do is let you take a look for yourself and follow up with a future article. So here’s the video –

You might think why am I so interested? Partially its the birth of a new system and partially because I like it when LARP goes beyond Fantasy (more of that in the future I am sure).


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