This one is a little unusual – UK based creators of armour and accessories – LederKraft Studios are aiming to build a new range of armour / costumes in 2013 based on crowd sourced designs. The idea is that they will raise money to cover the costs of getting the material and develop costs of 10 new male and female full outfits. The designs themselves will be submitted by customers to the LederKraft website and voted on by backers.

Its an interesting idea – let the crowed design a new range of goods. Let the people paying for its development choose the design they want. This gives the artisans the job of realising and selling the design.

To me this a clever bit of Internet advertising and a great way of polling the community as to what they actually want to buy.

Of course there are plenty of ways for this to fail, but what if it works.

Well if it works LederKraft will have a new range that they a reasonable number of people like. They will have taken a LARP fashion poll. I don’t know what effect this is will have on the community but it getting this democratic could have some interesting fallout.

If you want to know more you can visit the Kickstarter project at:

Or you could watch the video here:

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