I’d like you to take a moment to consider looking at some videos. So far I’ve taken a look at LARP promotional videos but never anyone producing video blogs or shows. I’m going to start to address this with the You Tube Channel for the LARP Girl.

This is a set of personal videos, sometimes a little controversial but always from heart and it does feel that these are authentic points of views and accounts about someone’s experiences.

One thing that is useful is that this is very much a player reaching out to talk about a hobby she loves.

Do I like them, well sometimes they are a little girly for me, but that doesn’t matter as it is only a point of view. The real point is that she is trying to create a discussion about LARP and that is always in my view a good thing.

Also I’ve been surprised by the comments on her YouTube video. As always there are the comments you’d wish someone had not entered, but in addition – in places there is real discussion, and that’s an achievement.

I’ll leave you with a video from 4 weeks ago on full contact larping. It features a disclosure about some violence where someone got hurt (very bad), but also notes on how well the organisers dealt with it – very good. Now I’m a big believer in making LARP feel as real as possible. Full emotional immersion creates some powerful feelings and memories in the players – she captures this really well with her body language and presentation. Its good to see the feeling behind the hobby.



She also has a tumblr feed on : http://larpgirl.tumblr.com/


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