Google has just launched a new feature to its expanding Google+ social network called communities. The name is a good description as it does what it says on the tin. Communities allows Google+ members to build a place for people with similar interests to build a community to talk and share information.

I’ve already found 3 on there for LARP.

Lets take a look.

First is a general LARP Community. You can find this at:

There is also a community for Pacific Northwest LARPers and also players in the Rule of 3 System.

There is ample space in these communities for categorising posts – making it very easy to find what you are looking for and great support for pictures, video and discussion.

Google+ keeps on impressing me. Partially for its on-screen aesthetic but also for the range of people it brings together. I also find it far easier to use than Facebook. If you are looking to build either a new community for your favourite LARP system or join in with an existing discussion this is a good thing to look at.

Also bear in mind that Google+ communities have only just been created. Its going to take a little while to get big numbers of people involved. I feel that will happen – and probably more quickly than anyone expects.

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