This development blog entry is about money. I think it is clear from the very beginning that we lay out where we stand on the subject of making money and paying contributors.


We believe in this being a not for profit venture designed to provide something of value to the LARP Community rather than trying to build a cash cow. As a result to begin with we will not be seeking to raise finances. We will also not be looking to pay contributors. We want this to be about a passion for LARP and wanting to do something for the hobby.


That said running a site does incur costs. To cover for this the following plan is in place.


If LARPbook becomes popular and costs start to rise we will start to include advertising and perhaps look to donations to cover the costs. If we raise enough to more than cover costs then the remainder of any monies raised will be released back to the contributors. We will pay according to the proportion of work that each contributor has published on the site. Reports will be printed to show how this working. We feel that LARPBook needs to disclose how it is operating to the community.



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