Rulebooks, why do we need them?

Larp is a shared experience. It requires players to follow a shared understanding of how the world works. When something happens everyone needs to have the same understanding of its consequences.

All the players need to respond to an in game event the same way.

That’s why we have rules. They create a common framework for players. The job of rules is to communicate a common understanding of the larps world.

Variety in rule book complexity

You may think that if all larp rule books describe a world then they must all be pretty large and complex.

Only they are not. Rules range from those that will fit on one sheet of paper too those that are  heavyweight tomes. Some books are just guidelines for in game calls; some are simple meta techniques whilst others are massive.

This must mean that the need for complex rules is not evenly spread. For some reason some larps need almost no rules whilst others need loads.

At this point I could point out reasons for this. That might be interesting.

I have a better idea

Larp Rule Sharing

If we all share our rule books then we can all  see what other groups are doing.

What I am proposing is that LARPBook publishes either the rules themselves or links to the rules.

Creating a library of rulebooks that we can all look at and take some inspiration from.

After all if rules help us build worlds then they must also help us represent ideas.

So lets put these books into a library. Then we can all work with the ideas.

The LARPBook Rulebook  Library.

Please send us links to your rulebooks and whether you want LARPBook to offer a link or a download of these books and we will do the rest

This form will help us understand what you are sending. If you prefer you can also send us this information via our Facebook page.

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For Contact Purposes
For Contact Purposes
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