Project Ascension got in touch with us back at the start of February and I was instantly excited. Not because it was going to be all about a big budget high immersion larp. No because this was going to be all of those things and Cyberpunk.

And there’s me the 80’s throwback who remembers drinking in a bar were William Gibson was holding court and receiving gifts of really bad ties. I am an old school fan of the genre.

Taking a look a look was not a hard thing to do. So I did and promised that we would cover Project Ascension. Then my progress got slowed down by a busy day job and a bad dose of the flu. But an old school cyberpunk is never stopped. Just slowed down a little.

It turned out that Project Ascension would have no problems with ticket sales. At the time of writing they appear to be sold out.

However its still important that we take a look, and here is why.

First of all they have a very good design document and a lot of visual references for players. To me its really important that a larp projects its identity before it is run. That’s the best way to ensure that all the players make the right kind of preparations.

The design document says a lot about the environment of the game and 360 immersion (basically everything is in game), that to me is sound. It has clarity.

Also despite being a genre game Project Ascension has a clear set of identities. Few things annoy me more than (for example), when someone pulls the concept of ‘An Elf’ from one fictional universe to other.

They are a goodly number of tropes in Cyberpunk but I think Project Ascension has set out its stallĀ  solidly enough to prevent concept bleed from one universe to another.

This feels like a solidly planned game.

I’ll put links to the Project Ascension website and also the Facebook page for Sinking Ship Creations – the wonderful people behind this.

But first some photos…

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