The story so far…….

So we got this invite from Claus to come and play a part in the Fairweather Manor LARP hosted in a Polish castle (that looks very much like an English estate) in well Poland.

So we said yes okay……

This then started the ball rolling, we were invited to several facebook groups that were setup for the event and the dialogue began between the players, now as this is not a historical re-enactment but a larp so character interplay and plot are key here.

This game is a little different to most I have played as everyone is a player character (PC) there are no non player characters or bad guys or indeed monsters, however a Downton Abbey versus Zombies would be fantastic!

There will be workshops later including period background, how the staff and classes acted and of course dancing.

The classes:

First we had a tour of the castle itself to familiarise ourselves (it is big…..very big….I mean you think you know how big it is and then there’s another floor)

Then we had a discussion on how the game actually works and playing as a servant has some get out of jail free phrases, i.e. if you don’t actually want to clean a lords boots you can say “Very good sir I will have one of the other footmen attend to that” this means do it yourself but the player who requested the cleaning will just say thank you and carry on as though the servant is going to have the task taken care of, this is a very fair way to make sure no one does something they do not want to do.

If tempers flare and you want out you just have to utter the phrase “Think of the family” this indicates you are not happy with the situation and want it to calm down a little.

The rules are clever and there are not many of them in matter of fact which means the learning curve is small.

There was also a rehearsal of the dinner service, my time in Officer messes and dinners came in handy here as I have seen silver service done up close, it went as well as can be expected and there were very few dramas.

The sheer number of people at this game is staggering especially when you factor in they have come from all over the world to attend, Europe, America, UK, it is staggering.

Tomorrow we start the game for real, rising at 06:30 then to attend chapel service at 07:30

Shenanigans is in fact encouraged and gossip about the nobles will be rife.

More tomorrow……..

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