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26th May 2017 – 29th May 2017


Forest Argent is a system with an open game world that the participants help to build and plot is strongly influenced by characters back stories and requests.
Investigating new worlds, daring dangerous magic, tinkering with wyrd science players have access to local groups (Southampton, Exeter, and Bristol, Scotland coming soon) allowing them to try and the system and become part of the game world before a weekend.

The Convergance is our regular long weekend event allowing us to bring the groups together and create a world spanning plot.

Convergence specifically includes

Medieval travellers, from mummers to soldiers with relic salesmen and villainous Lordlings. Melnisian slave markets, slaves, escaped slaves, villains with promises of old powersand strange pacts.Strange oriental monsters travelling the worlds looking for honour and experience. Lost Victorians and their Fay colleagues, with markets and madness. Napoleonic style travellers with musket lines, grenades and strange science.

Lots going on, many NPC’s, crewing is free and as we confirm budget we will look to provide food etc.
Also, if you are a trader, we would love to hear from you!

How Much?

Normal price: £60 (student/unemployed £50)
First time: £45 (student/unemployment £35)
Two new people: £60
A new person & a current player: £90 (1- unemployed £80 2 – unemployed £70)

(Please note, if you book within the month of the event then the price rises by £5 and if you pay on the gate the price is extended by £10)

How to Contact

Contact Forest Argent through their website: www.forestargent.co.uk

Or via this form


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