On Saturday 27th of February the results of the 2016 UK LARP Awards were announced at a special evening session of Larpcon. Unusually awards were handed out in a wrestling. Which means I have to add an additional entry to the official listing. That is, best entrance to the ring. This goes to Glyn Newberry who somersault in via the top rope.

That said the actual awards are:

Best Club System
Aftermath (Winner)
Fools & Heroes (Runner-Up)

Best Small Larp
Twisted Tales (Winner)
Tommy Guns & Temperance (Runner-Up)

Best Medium Larp
Shadow Wars (Winner)
Outcast (Runner-Up)

Best Large Larp
Lorien Trust (Winner)
Empire (Runner-Up)

Best Family Larp
Empire (Winner)
Lorien Trust (Runner-Up)

Best Grass Roots System
Fools & Heroes (Winner)
Lorien Trust (Runner-Up)

Best New Larp
Tommy Guns & Temperance (Winner)
The World Went Dark (Runner-Up)

Best Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
Medlock Armoury (Winner)
Light Armouries (Runner-Up)

Best Producer – Leather
Evenlode (Runner-Up)

Best Producer – Costume
White Star (Winner)
Craeftigan (Runner-Up)

Best Larp Caterer
Caggles Catering (Winner)
Mhoreish (Runner-Up)

Creature Costume
PD Dragon (Winner)
Mystwood’s Mimic (Runner-Up)

In-field Retailer of the Year
Chows Emporium (Winner)
Das Shoppe (Runner-Up)

Best On-Line Retailer
Darkblade (Winner)
Chow’s Emporium (Runner-Up)

NPC of the Year
Harry Harold – “John of Meade” (Winner)
Andrew Forrest – “Ishtar” (Runner-Up)

Event Crew Member of the Year
Caroline Proctor (Winner)
Sky Roberts (Runner-Up)

Player of the Year
Steph Morris (Winner)
Charley Downey (Runner-Up)

Bard of the Year
Jamie Wakefield (Runner-Up)
Lester the Jester (Winner)

Larpcon Poker Tournament
Glyn Newberry(Winner)

Best Escape Room
Clue HQ Warrington (Winner)
Enigma Escape (Runner-Up)

Mainstream Event
Secret Cinema (Winner)
Heist (Runner-Up)

Photo Category – General – Judges Choice
“The fallen comrade” – Bart Holsbergen (Winner)
“A Mother’s Grief” by Roy Smallpage (Runner-Up)

Photo Category – Costume – Judges Choice
“Depraved” – Thomas Blade (Winner)
“Earthbourne Stone Golems” – Mandala (Runner-Up)

Photo Category – Costume – Winner People’s Choice
“Depraved” by Thomas Blade

Unsung Hero
Darren Stocker

Lifetime Achievement
Mike Stringer

Best Overall Larp
Twisted Tales



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