We know have the list of nominations for the UK LARP Awards and its an interesting looking list. The first thing I notice is that some of the names have changed from last year which is suggesting that this is not cliquey award but that it is being noticed by more players and more groups. Instead it looks like we something building that is bringing the UK Hobby together and that is something that can only be applauded.

So lets get on with the nominations

Small Larp

  • Labyrinthe
  • Red Letter Day
  • Sinergy
  • Vault 57
  • God Rest Ye Merry

Medium Larp

  • Slender Larp
  • Projekt: Ragnarok
  • Wasteland UK
  • Aftermath
  • Mythlore: New Lands

Large Larp 

  • Odyssey
  • The Vale
  • Curious Pastimes
  • Empire
  • The Lorien Trust

Family Larp

  • Outcast
  • The Lorien Trust
  • Empire
  • Dumnonni Chronicles
  • Curious Pastimes

Grass Roots

  • Green Cloaks
  • The Vale
  • SlenderLarp
  • Empire
  • Fools and Heroes

New Larp

  • Red Letter Day
  • Falling Down
  • Tales Out of Anchor
  • The Vale
  • London Under

Best Producer – Foam and Latex

  • Tallows Fx
  • Saxon Violence
  • Eldritch
  • Medlock Armoury
  • Light Armoury

Best Producer – Leather

  • Darkblade
  • Evenlode Studio
  • Gems Trading Company
  • Battle Ready
  • Dad’s Armoury

Best Producer – Costume 

  • Mandala Studios
  • Gems Trading Company
  • Wyrmwick Creations
  • Chows Emporium
  • Warriors Wardrobe

Best Caterer

  • Caggles Catering Corps
  • Mhorish
  • Tykes
  • Kellie Sweeney
  • The Staff of Northmoor Hall

Creature Costume 

  • Great Unnamed One (Green Cloaks)
  • The War Rhino (Empire)
  • Black Annis (Red Letter Day)
  • Final Dawn Golem (Labyrinthe)
  • Bronze Titan (Mythlore New Lands)

On-Line Retailer

  • Darkblade
  • Gems Trading Company
  • Larp Inn
  • Artyfakes
  • Chows Emporium

In Field Retailer

  • Blastersmiths
  • Gems Trading Company
  • Having a Larp
  • Chows Emporium
  • Das Shoppe

Player of the Year

  • Harry Morris
  • Vincent Jolly
  • Sarah Cook
  • James “Woody” Wood
  • Helen Naylor

Bard of the Year

  • Mark Chilvers
  • Jamie Whitehead
  • Iain “Vollsanger” Sewell
  • Lester The Jester
  • Flying Kangaroo Alliance

NPC of the Year

  • Kharn Gor – Kevin Hazelden (Green Cloaks)
  • Urthak – Conan O’Dalaigh (Lorien Trust)
  • Captain Sabre – Jordan Hill (Heroes and Dragons)
  • Nicholas Northmoor – Nick Bradbeer (God Rest Ye)
  • Tortured Serf – Katie Logan (Falling Down)

Crew Member of the Year

  • Sammy Kilsby
  • Joe Rooney
  • Jack Watkinson
  • Jenny Witts
  • Carl Danes

No Shortlists (Winners Announced on the night)

  • Unsung Hero
  • Lifetime Achievement

The winners will be announced at the UK LARP Awards Ceremony on February the 21st – if you like to know more click here for the Facebook group.

The image for this post comes from Flickr User James Fishwick and you can learn more about this image and its licence by clicking here.

Good luck to all for the awards – I’ll be seeing you there.

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