I’m calling this an overview and not a review. I cannot really review this one as I was an NPC on Needs and a Ref on Blight. If I did write a review the temptation to mention the sublime refereeing would be too great.

These events ran over Halloween weekend. Night one was a modern day zombie game (or was it), and second built up a brand new medieval styled fantasy game. The event was a return to action by the Twilight Realms crew – and it really was awesome to get old friends back together again after quite a break in running scenarios. It was also a first outing at running a game in Oakraven Field Centre. So I’ll mention that in a moment.

The game outlines ran as follows:

Needs – A group of psychiatric outpatients at a weekend retreat try a new form of group therapy that includes hypnosis. This coincides with the start of the zombie apocalypse. Into the mix come a desperate family that are trying to stay alive and some very well prepared survivalists. The question on the patients mind though is what is real and is radical treatment.

Blight – A village becomes the target for a coven a witches who are taking revenge for crimes against their members. Battling for survival are a group of people who have been invited on a witch hunt. Invited though by the witches so that all their prospective targets for revenge are in the same place at the same time. This game included the first play test of a new character generation system.

I’m pleased to be able to report that both games ran well and being shorter scenarios really helped in keeping the pacing tight and somewhat desperate. The players found themselves meeting an emotional, and tactical challenge that did indeed seem to work well.

Oakraven Field Centre worked out very well. A small section of action happened underground. We had no problems feeding over 20 people with the kitchen and the toilets and showers all worked out well, Most of us bunked in the main dormitory (with its comfy 3 tier beds), There was some thought that it might be better to have more rooms – but thinks worked out with the main dorm, leaders room and a few people bunking in the area assigned to crew. We have already booked for next March. I also have to say a big thank you to Andy and Paul who made us very welcome and worked tirelessly to keep the wood fire burning – thank you both.

For me this felt like something new and fresh – working with old friends to create some brand new and exciting games. I cannot wait until the next outing.

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