What’s your game ran on the weekend of 7th – 9th of February and included a costume banquet for those who stayed over the weekend. I could only make the Saturday so I’ll confine this review to only the kit fair and not other activities.

However if anyone was there for anything and wants to add more detail that would be fantastic.

The fair itself was held in Blackfriars priory in Gloucester. The priory itself dates back to 13th century and added a lot of atmosphere. Its not every day you see swords and armour ready for use and racked up against centuries old stone walls.

The sales area was spread over a series of adjoining buildings and 3 stories of activity.  So a little navigation and questing required.

I’ve mentioned that fantasy game weapons, and armour dominated the fair but it was not exclusively all that was for sale.  There was also a great deal of jewellery, and accessories of all type (I was quite taken by a brass and wood steampunk telephone).

However my real takeaways where news of brand new Larp focussed sites run by Larpers that were both established and also just coming online and some of the new systems I discovered.  I’ll be reviewing some of these as soon as I can manage so expect some fresh information in the future.

As you can tell – I had a good time.

Were there any negatives. Not really – perhaps the only thing I would have liked more is a better area to sit down, have a drink, a snack and talk to people.

Would I go again – absolutely!

Here are some photographs


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