The name of a LARP character can be something that you will have to live with for a long time. Alternatively you could be playing something with limited game life but which needs a to be memorable and set a tone.  Either way there is a need to get the name right first time as there is no second chance and names as it has oft been said have power. Names help to define your character.

One of the problems in creating a great character name can be inspiration. Digging out a name from nowhere can be at the very least difficult. To try and help with this problem I’ve found 3 name generators that offer a lot of naming options from the ancient to the mundane and back round to the fantastical.

You could just use one of these to create name for you.
Or you could involve a bit of yourself and a bit of creativity. Getting a good name is not just about randomly pulling a name out of the air it is all about owning it. Can you “be” the name.
Try and think about answering these questions
  • How you pronounce it?
  • How does it sound when used under a range of emotions – happy, sad, angry and so on?
  • If your character has a title or rank how does it sound with those elements added?
  • How do you walk when saying it. Is there swagger or creep? Can you give it a physicality?
  • Do you feel comfortable giving this name some history? Can you work out names for family members, old friends and colleagues?
Once you’ve got a name and you can answer these questions then you have an absolute winner on your hands.
The photo in this post comes from Flickr user RalphH

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