I’ve received a request from a student at the University of Westminster who has discovered LARP and is looking into the prospect of making a documentary about LARP as part of a 3rd year project. The request is help her get in touch with people who truly understand LARP.

The particular topics of interest are

  • The history of LARP
  • Costuming
  • Genres Played
  • The Culture of LARP

These are pretty big questions – LARP is somewhat sprawling and complex. I decided that my best option was to create a mechanism to help interested LARPers get in touch. If you would like to converse about LARP – please use the contact form on this page to start a conversation.

One thing that does impress is that there is a plan here to do good research before planning the film. I applaud this as it shows respect for a culture that many outside of LARP find difficult to understand.

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