The Walking Dead just opened for its fourth season in the UK and the post apocalypse seems to be very much the thing of the moment on TV and the idea of the Zombie Apocalypse is becoming an ever present cultural icon.

Taking full advantage of the moment is the Risen LARP. I covered its announcement in LARPBook earlier this year

Risen uses the Larpcraft system of information tracking and is interesting in that it could in theory create a worldwide community of people playing in localised versions of the game. It seems to work a like this. Larpcraft have designed the background lore and rules for the game. They set out the world conditions. Players then elect to form ‘colonies’ within this world and operate autonomously within the world. Once a colony is established it becomes the official Risen game for that area.

This is based on the system that LARPCraft use for Fantasy games. I have to admit to not looking to closely at the Fantasy game, yet I am drawn to this concept for Risen. I think the reason is this. If we take the Zombie Apocalypse as a global catastrophe then playing out over a wide area (potentially a global area) really pushes us head first into the sheer horror and terror that comes with the loss of our civilization. Not sure how the groups would eventually communicate – but I’m sure  developing such a story could be good.

Right now Risen is looking for people to form Colonies. The game is still in development. I need to stress that when you go the site – not everything is running yet. That is fine. This is a huge concept to develop and it well will take time. If you like the idea then getting earlier would probably be a good idea.

If you like to know more – here is the link:

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