I recently bought three pieces of kit via Larpinn that were all sourced from Epic Armoury. I’ve bought Epic Armoury before so with my previous experience and the new gear I’m in a good position to give some opinion on the quality of Epics kit.

First off a bit of background. Epic Armoury design their LARP gear in Denmark and then have it manufactured in Pakistan. This tends to lead to some nice design ideas and low manufacturing costs. This explains a few things.

My recent order was for a battle-axe, 2inch belt and a set of bracers. The bracers were the things that brought me back to Epic as I’d previously bought a pair of greaves for another event and going back to epic allowed me to get matching bracers. The greaves had been successful. They fitted well, provided a decent amount of protection and overall did a good job. My only complaint on them is that the thonging used to lace up the greaves was not of a particularly high quality. I’d noticed this and replaced it before it use. My little upgrade had worked well.

Unsurprisingly the new bracers have the same thonging, I wasn’t disappointed as I was expecting this and I don’t really see it as a problem. I’ll replace it, and reuse the thin thong on something more appropriate.

This actually sums up all of purchases from Epic Armoury. Nicely designed, works very well but with a the odd rough edge – a certain level of polish is lacking. However if you look at the prices you’ll see that the cost is generally low. This makes it great for those on a budget, going for a particular look, or wanting to base kit to modify / mix and match.

Of my recent pieces the Battle- Axe is my favourite. Its got a good look, and easy to hold. I have a good feel and look forward to is first game (coming up shortly).

The big question at the end of any review is would I recommend the products. The answer is yes. I’d also buy again.

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