Video: We Tried a to Compare A PVC Bow Against a Wooden Bow

Video: We Tried a to Compare A PVC Bow Against a Wooden Bow

One of our targets for LARPBook has been to make more larp related videos over and above the regular monthly show.  We had the idea of comparing a rather nice redwood flatbow against a PVC Pipe Bow. Just to put out some pros and cons for people looking at getting into larp archery and wondering where to start.

After all budgets are not infinite and use of archery does set a certain tone for a character, and that’s regardless of genre. Be it fantasy, or for example post apoc; the archer is a very definite figure.  So is it best to make a get a cheap bow or should those pennies be saved for something a bit more expensive.

This is what happened


Ok so not what we had in mind. The pipe literally buckled part way through stringing it.

So Then We Captured Some Thoughts on that


And Finally

We never got to do our test. Simply because the structure of a PVC bow failed. I’m not saying the bow is bad as during the time I’ve used it I’ve got off some great shots (and some terrible ones), and had a great time. Immediately on posting the video on Facebook we had comments about the ills of this type of bow, and also remedies.

I’ve thought about those and I still the hollow tube that is the Pipe Bow I can see as a problem. However I stand by the idea that if I needed to quickly and cheaply equip a big team of archers – the budget option makes sense.

Will I get a another bow – almost certainly, and we may do more with archery in the future as it’s a great and fun skill to develop in larp

Addendum: The Rob-O-Meter

The bow vs bow video see’s the first outing of the Rob-O-Meter. We’ll be using this in the future to suggest how well made / strong things on a 1 to 10 scale. Where 1 is really easy to break and 10 is nigh on indestructible. So we’ll call 10’s – vibranium.

For those who are wondering why Rob-O-Meter. Well amongst the team, many friends, and family I have a reputation of destruction on a Kaiju like scale. Basically I have a medical condition that’s makes me a little unsteady on my feet. Couple that to an innate clumsiness and good upper body strength and we can see that this not a good combination. Accidental destructions include

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Stair Banisters
  • Walls
  • A long list of cooking implements
  • Various computer components
  • and most recently a larp bow

We’ll be developing the Rob-O-meter as we go on with our videos.

And yes – I do have some personal possessions made of titanium (Vibranium being hard to find)

LARP Profile: Criminal Contact

LARP Profile: Criminal Contact

Group Name:  Criminal Contact

Web Page:

Describe Your Game Genre:   Frontier town interactive economic environment

Who Creates Characters: The Player

How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters?  It Varies

How Long Has the Group Been Running For?    7 years

How Frequently do you run events and for a players what is the commitment level to attend all events like?  

Events usually occur twice a year around April and September. Each event stands alone, with running themes being propagated from one to the next. Participants may adopt different characters at each event with only the fictional setting and game format remaining the same. This allows for players to vary their experiences and miss events without penalty.

Typically What Are the Facilities Like at your Game Sites?  The regular site is woodland with a covered ‘out of game’ area. Facilities include a site shop, toilets and lunch options if required.

Finally Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work 

Criminal Contact is a unique open world roleplay event based around a functioning economy, where characters supply and demand various items for players to trade, transport, smuggle or steal. While players may ‘unlock’ airsoft firearms to use at these events, it is important to note that firefights have consequences! In short, this is NOT a regular airsoft skirmish disguised with a theme.


Criminal Contact Gallery

Send a Message to Criminal Contact

7 + 1 =

Curious Pastimes – Warming Up to the 2018 Season.

Curious Pastimes – Warming Up to the 2018 Season.

The larping season pushes on and we’ll soon be at Curious Pastimes again. For the last two years we’ve covered the Renewal event and this has been so successful that the plan is to cover a minimum of two events (more if we can get away with it).

So I thought in order to honour this why not publish something that will warm up our coverage and give you a different view of this larp.

Which is why I’m offering up two videos from Slender Pictures for your enjoyment. These should give you another view of last years events. The first is for Event 1. The second covers the whole of the 2017 season.

If you want more Curious Pastimes. Don’t forget not only do we have coverage but you really should look up Oliver Facey and Steve Mitchell. Two ace photographers who do a fantastic job.


Event 1 – 2017 Season

The 2017 Season

So that’s what this big game is like. We’ll see you at Curious Pastimes in 2018

All images and video in this post are via Slender Pictures

I’m a bit of a fan of the work done by Slender Pictures. If you’d like to know more you can find them at:



If you want to know more about Curious Pastimes then please follow this link

LARPBook Show Episode 63: Ambrose……Mmmmm

LARPBook Show Episode 63: Ambrose……Mmmmm

Twilight Realms

This is very much a Twilight Realms show. On the preceding weekend Stuart, Thom and Rob went to the Twilight Realms event Shard. We were Videographer, Player and Crew, respectively. The first part of this show covers our experience of this event. If you’d like to know more we also have an article that covers that game in some detail.

Thanks were given out to Kelly – who not only provided sumptuous catering but also the Saris used by the Harem. Expect to learn more about her in a future post.

Reality Bleed Through

We then went into the subject of modern day morales bleeding into a game. We had the feeling that perhaps we often see modern ideas of fair play and ways of addressing people in larp (particularly Fantasy or Historical), that don’t make sense in the context of the setting. As a group we really feel it does happen. The good news is that the chat room confirmed that they try and avoid this in their games. We also had the feeling that there is some inevitability in that during larp we rarely truly leave who we are behind.

The revelation from Rob that he is offended by not being offended by modern music came in the form of a rant.


Brotherhood of the Black

Pirate Festival 10/08/2018 to 12/08/2018 –
At Llanciach Fawr 16th Century Manor – There is camping but MUST CONTACT FIRST.

Balrog Gaming – Deliverance

23rd – 27th of August, at Barnswood Scout Camp. £100 to play or monster. Bunks and Camping

Arcardia Larp

24th – 27th of August at Caddihoe Scout Camp – Devon



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Twilight Realms Larp: Shard

Twilight Realms Larp: Shard

Welcome to Shard. This event by Twilight Realms Larp was played om the weekend starting 6th April 2018. LARPBook was there and we covered it in a 3 pronged attack

  • Thomas: Was a Player
  • Rob: Was Crew (and took some photos)
  • Stuart: Walked around watching and taking a lot of video footage.

You’ll be seeing photos and videos. If you’d like to hear a discussion take a look at the LARPBook Show Episode 63, with audio here and video here.

Let’s Start with a Trailer

A Little More About Twilight Realms

Also known affectionately as TR by its players. Twilight Realms started at the turn of the century as a world building larp. All the initial players had a hand in developing nation states set in the World of Tempress. A world with a somewhat violent history where Priests and Sorcerers had fought for control and it had not worked out well. Nations were left separated by hard to heal rifts and trade had all but broken down. The story starts about 100 years after this apocalypse with an attempt to restore trade and trust between nations.

So started a campaign that ran for 10 years ( i know I was at the tenth anniversary party). This period created a vast amount of lore that today still informs and has an impact on the direction and content of the current game.

Then there was a hiatus for a few years

Then Twilight Realms the next generation started.

This time there was a central world referee and world plot controller. Set 10 years after the original campaign this new series of events follows a group of character caught in world shaking events that if not left unchecked may very well lead the world once again down a very dark path.

This reset is very much like a Fantasy RPG where players find themselves in a continuously evolving story that is played out in a rolling campaign. Each event follows on from the last. Many of the player characters are new and learning secrets not known to many. Some of the players bring characters from the first run. With all the baggage that can entail.

This is big scale heroic high fantasy.



Let’s talk about the event itself, Shard.

The name describes a Shard – a piece of a stone imbued with the powers of a God, It’s existence sends the players on a quest to gather more of its parts and in so doing create a weapon that will help them against a growing supernatural threat that is bringing war and terror to the world.

TR plays it’s games over a Friday and Saturday. Starting Friday evening. Playing all day Saturday with a social gathering at the end of the event. Sunday is breakfast, chat and clean up time. It’s a format that has worked well and creates a relaxed larping environment.

I’ve been thinking about how to best describe this game. I certainly had a very good time, with some excellent stand out scenes. I also firmly believe that everyone playing will remember their own set of scenes they loved. I’m also aware that parts of this game contain plot spoilers for the next event. I want to avoid those. So here is the plan. I’m going to describe my favourite moments and then show you a couple of photo galleries and video diaries that we shot during the game. This I hope will give you an idea.

Magic Moments

I was given the chance to bring back to life an old NPC. An Elven Priest and Alchemist determined to monitor and protect the purity of his race. He’s also a bit of a political animal and will sometimes do unexpected things if he see’s useful knowledge coming out of them.  Fortunately to the players he also follows orders from the King – which helped get around some problems. With this character I loved his chance to meet up with an old Player Character enemy that he really did not like or trust. That was fun, but not as much as roleplaying the blessing of a feast and letting  my inner evangelist came out to play. Hands were waved so hard in the air there was a chance of actually taking off.

Next up I was playing a freedom fighter who’s band had just captured some enemy soldiers on the retreat. We had a chance to warm up before the players found us. In this time we looked at ways to restrain our captives, we mocked up on how to look violent and created character roles. We wanted both sides of this exchange to have personalities. So we talked, joked and experimented. When the time came to interact with the players everything was established and things flowed beautifully.

Part of the prep involved menacing small talk about the weather as a foul means of torture.

The scene ended with a battle between a legionary shield wall and a small band of fighters. it was great stuff.

The Harem

This has to stand up as something exceptional. We ended up playing the butchest Harem in history. A keenness to wield swords had left us more than little low on female crew for a planned harem scene. No problem a mostly all male crew donned sari’s practiced sashaying, tried out seductive voices and put on our sexiest poses. If you watch the show that goes with this article you’ll hear the name Ambrose mentioned. Simply because he was not only an awesome woman, but a wonderful leader of  our harem. Thank you Ambrose. Also my apologies to both players and referees. We had a bit too much fun in our dresses. Some of those who encountered us may very well be in need of counselling.

Gallery 1 – Photographs from LARPBook

The Twilight Realms Gallery

The Video Diaries

The Credits

  • Article: Rob Davies
  • LARPBook Still Photography: Rob Davies
  • LARPBook Video: Stuart Edwards
  • Twilight Realms Still Photography: Charlotte Blakemen



Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

United We Stand is a cyberpunk larp that ran on the 10th March 2018 at Bravo One in Birmingham (UK). This isn’t a review – its more of a gallery with event information. When Roberto from the event asked us if he could submit an event gallery; well  I jumped at the chance and we now have a great gallery and some more information for you. I’ll start with the visuals, before moving to the event background and news of another larp later this year.

The Gallery

About United We Stand

This is a Broken Dream Larp. Broken Dreams have been assembling some powerful and interesting larps. Right one The Quota is has broken into mainstream press coverage in the UK. Look to the end of this article for a links section. United We Stand is the first Tenement 67 game from this group. Tenement 67 are cyperpunk games. Here’s an official description of the setting for this event.

It’s December 2039, the general strike against corporate employment is now in full effect. In Tower One the intra block media network pushes the corporate agenda, these strikers are criminals who have taken over and over again but refuse to give back by simply doing their jobs. The board rooms have been left with no choice but to authorise the deployment of Heinreiter mediators to resolve the dispute by any means necessary.


If it was not for the daily rallies and support meet ups you’d think nothing was going on in the Tenements, gangs still via for control of ever smaller territory, the stim still flows and the beats keep on pounding.


Ever vigilant the Humanitarian Workers Union are watching the shadows for Fixers, Heinreiter filth and the worst of all scabs and turncoats. With tensions high there have been instances of violence against the wrong parties and backlashes by threatened Fixers. It isn’t the revolution they wanted but it’s the one the Union is getting.


As a Union rally gathers for days protest unseen enemies circle in the crowd amongst those on the periphery just trying to get through the day. These are certainly uncertain times in the tenements and you don’t need to be one of the wise to notice things feel like they are about to kick off.

Learn More

If this whetted your appetite or you are just a little curious these are the links you need

Tenement 67: Tales from the Tenements Website

Broken Dreams Larp  – Facebook Page

Web Page for The Quota

Tenement 67 Event 3

If this has given you some enthusiasm for entering a cyberpunk world then you don’t have to wait too long for the next one. Event 3 – The Price we pay is scheduled for November 10th 2018. Bookings Open in April 2018 and the cost of the event is £45.


All photographs used in this article are copyright Ara McBay

The Larp Adventure Program

The Larp Adventure Program

We’re big fans of larp gallerries. We’re also very into publishing information about larps for children or youths.

So when the Larp Adventure Program contacted us with some of their photographs; a gallery and some links just had to be done.

Before the photographs here is some information about the larp adventure program

The larp adventure program runs larp events for Youth at various camps in the United States. These are full immersion larps for 10 – 18 year olds. The goals are great so I’m going to quote these.

We promote and preserve the value of imagination and play through nurturing community that encourages self expression. We are committed to fostering the joy of life.  We do this by the methodologies of multiple intelligences, multiple literacies, 21st century skills, immersive storytelling and transformational experiences. Our goal is to create global community spaces that offer world class experiences.

Its use of larp to promote thinking, living, imagination and literacy in more ways than one.

Photographs from the Larp Adventure Program


LARP Event: Orion Sphere LRP – Event 1

LARP Event: Orion Sphere LRP – Event 1

Event Name: Initialize

Event Description: Orion Sphere LRP is a new science fiction live roleplay system set in the distant future of our own galaxy. Players join one of the four major Factions and compete for fame, wealth and the chance to influence the destiny of the Orion Sphere.

Initialize is the first event held in the Orion Sphere universe, and will give players an introduction to the setting and the powers that rule it – the four Factions and the MegaCorps that facilitate commerce between them.

Player characters are part of one of the four Factions; the authoritarian Terran Ascendancy; evangelistic Tulaki Dominion; mysterious Elysian Commonality; or diverse Free Union of Sovereign Worlds.

“After decades of increasing tension between the four major Factions of known space, the reclusive Spacer Collective has invited a few select groups and individuals to take advantage of a unique opportunity. They offer the hire of one of their starships, equipped with a Jump Drive, and able to traverse thousands of light-years in a matter of moments, rather than months. Those invited have the chance to intervene in events stretching across the vastness of the Orion Sphere, and influence the fate of thousands of inhabited worlds”.

Orion Sphere LRP events use a mission-slot structure to give players the opportunity to complete missions and earn rewards at a time of their choosing, either on the local planet or by travelling to other worlds via our Spaceship Bridge Simulator rig.

To learn more about the universe of Orion Sphere LRP and to book tickets, visit our Wiki at –

Practical Details

Event 1 – Initialize – will be held at Cox Wood Scout Camp between Chester and Wrexham. Bookings are now open, but only 100 adult spaces are available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Event Start Date: 18th May 2018

Event Finish Date: 20th May 2018

Event Costs:

  • Adult Early Bird Ticket (before 7th April) – £65
  • Adult Full Price Ticket – £75
  • Children Aged 12-16 – £20
  • Children Aged 7-11 – £15
  • Children Under 7 – £10 (to cover site costs only)

Meal Tickets from Giddy Kipper Catering (optional)

  • Adult Meal Ticket – £35<\li>
  • Under 12s Meal Ticket – £17.50<\li>
  • Under 5s Meal Ticket – Free

Picture Credits

Our thanks for Flickr user Futurilla for this striking space backdrop. You can learn more about this image and its rights if you click here.




The Explanation

I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about What you say another LARPBook website. Well yes it is and that is why I need to talk about it.

When we launched the LARPBook Show (and it wasn’t called that then), the idea was simple run a bi-monthly podcast that people could download and listen to. That model perfectly suited the distribution service we picked for the job. That being

Things however have a tendency to get progressively complex. The show’s structure has shifted. We still have a roundtable discussion show. You can subscribe to it and get it on demand via audio download, or streaming, plus of course the LARPBook YouTube Channel. It’s the YouTube channel that is largely behind the move to LARPBookMedia. Our output became not just the podcast, it expanded to include  interviews, specials and video diaries

We really were not creating a podcast anymore. We weren’t really YouTubers in a typical sense either. We were sort of a hybrid.

That was a problem because putting our output into PodBean wasn’t really suitable and is quite sprawly. Which means it contains everything but is perhaps not the best vehicle for an expanding multimedia library.

Eventually we came to a decision. Let’s build a home that makes it easy to explore the extended show related output.

So that’s what we’ve done.

We’ve built a place to explore the back catalogue, which also supports the feeds necessary to let people subscribe to the show.


State of the Project

I’m writing this March 19th 2018. This is where we are with the LARPBookMedia Project.

Our entire show catalogue has been loaded into the site and every episode can be streamed from the site

We have subscription feeds up and running. Depending on which service you use to subscribe to the show you may have to resubscribe. Also if you experience any difficulties with your subscription please let us know and we will do our best to fix it. In theory most subscribers should get continuity but please let us know if there are problems or if you had to resubscribe. This is a transition and such things can be tricky but we will help you out if we know about it.

At the moment all the show audio on points to podbean. The plan is to change all these to point to the files on LARPBookMedia. At this point this has not been accomplished but it is part of the plan and we’ll get it done as soon as we can.

Although the show is uploaded and are various too video pieces that have not been added. We’ll be looking at that too.


The Future will continue to be the first port of call for all things LARPBook. Every article, show, photograph is here. We have plans for that will make it easier to use, whilst adding on an improved feature set. is the Book of LARP.

LARPBookMedia is the library of shows. It will become the best place to go if you want to explore these. An audio and video library. Go to LARPBookMedia, pour a drink, kick back and enjoy.



Jackalope Live Action Studios: A Night in Question – AMA

Jackalope Live Action Studios: A Night in Question – AMA

We’ve run interviews before. This one with Jackalope Studios Matthew Webb and Steve Metze was a little different in that it was setup as a response to an AMA. Jackalope already had setup an AMA event, but unfortunately due to the difference in timezone. That meant that the LARPBook team couldn’t attend. From that it also follows that we probably weren’t the only people on this side of the pond who missed it.

So asked and wonderfully they said yes to doing one with us.

It turned out to have been a great idea. We got a chance to talk about larp meta techniques, the Sabbat, Vampire, White Wolf and what was planned for A Night in Question.

Of course since our guests were Texan it would have been rude not to talk about guns…

It wasn’t all plain sailing. Luke gave the Texans a true feeling of Britishness. That is he truly reminded them that they are a bunch of raggedy colonials. Please never ever vote in Luke as Prime Minister!

That’s enough preamble. Enjoy our Vampire Interview.

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