WORLD OF DARKNESS: Documentary World Premiere

WORLD OF DARKNESS: Documentary World Premiere




Date: Fri, Dec 8, 2017 11:10 PM

Where: ODEON London Tottenham Court Road
30 Tottenham Court Road, London, London, W1T 1BX, United Kingdom



  • Adult: £11.50

’World of Darkness: The Documentary’ profiles the cult role-playing games ’World of Darkness’ and ’Vampire: The Masquerade’ that created a phenomenon in the 1990s – a zeitgeist that helped shape and define film, literature, fashion and club culture. They influenced everything from the TV series ’True Blood’ and the ’Underworld’ film franchise to club fashions and storytellling but perhaps their biggest impact was on the fans, whose lives they changed forever. Entertaining and enlightening, this film features exclusive archive of the early days and development of vampire culture. Also includes in-depth interviews with the founders, creators and artists, as well as the fans and notable stars – all of whom helped evolve the franchise into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to this day.

Here’s the Trailer

LARPBook Mug Christmas Competition

LARPBook Mug Christmas Competition

It’s approaching Christmas and we are going into competition mode,

This is our first Facebook like/share contest

Here is how it works.

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to our competition Facebook post. Simply like and share that post and you are entered. That is all you have to do.

The prize is one of our new design LARPBook travel mugs. We’re giving away four of these. One per winner. So you could be one of 4 winners.

The competition is open to any where in the world. It is NOT limited to the UK.

The closing  date is 17th December 2017 at 9pm GMT. So you have up until then to like and share our post.

All that remains to be said is good luck and perhaps next year your travel beverage will be kept warm by a LARPBook mug.


Larp Points Based Character Generation and Age

Larp Points Based Character Generation and Age

I’ve been thinking about the increasing diversity of larpers. Not so much in terms of race of religion. Rather I’m thinking about age. Now larpers are nice and inclusive. The hobby always has been and its something it should be proud of.

However we now have people who have been in larp in excess of 30 years. Also we are gaining new players of all ages young to old.

That worries me when it comes to points based character generation. In my experience (and please write in if you have different examples), points based characters all start with the same number of points. From these character skills are purchased. Its these skills that determines what the character can and cannot do.

This is great when we have a fairly non-diverse group of players. When apparent age, ability etc of the player are in a fairly narrow band. If that then gets wider is it fair? Should an 18 year old have the same abilities as someone in their mid twenties, thirties, or forties. What then happens when the negative aspects of age kick in as players enter their fifties, sixties or seventies.

Now before I go on lets put some clarifications in here

  • I completely agree with people role-playing to an age they set. So long as that doesn’t break someone else’s immersion or fun.
  • I agree with points as a valid mechanism for character generation – I play at games where it works very successfully
  • I also agree with the idea that any character needs to be interpreted and played by the player. It’s this performance that perhaps matters most

Still I would like to see something to help people get into character. Especially if you are new to larp.

So what can we do to help a new player faced with list of skills make them feel as if the skills suits their characters or their age.

Here are a 5 ideas

An Age Handicap

Put simply modify the number of points everyone gets by age. Build into this the effects of age so that actual life experience can be taken into account.

Base Skill Resolution on Role Play

You might be old enough to play an expert at something but doesn’t mean to say you are. Where possible make one of the metics that determines character skill success role-palying. Is the role-player drawing on themselves enough to be convincing as someone who is or isn’t great at something.

Set the Skill and let ability shine through

I think this works well with combat skills. You cannot say you are an expert swordsman in a larp without actually having some skill. So let the rules state you have a skill, then it is your ability that determines the outcomes.

Make it part of the character story

The characters skills are the skills purchased. But if you claim an expertise or lack of build up how you got to where you are in your character story and let bits of this out. So even if you are a 40 year novice – explain it. Perhaps your life has just taken a change? You’ve been put on a different path doing different things

Age has robbed you of skills

Superficially this is similar to the last point but instead of any story element we have a central theme that is really worth exploring. The debilitating effects of age. People do not universally get better with age. There are things we get much worse at. What these are depends on the person but I’d call on the two most known – loss or physical ability or impairment of mental faculties as worth taking a look at. Sure its fun playing the unstoppable know all hero. But a person damaged by their age so that they have experience but little working skill. That’s interesting and also something that as a society we all need to learn more about.

Help Us Build A Better Studio

Help Us Build A Better Studio

I’d like to draw your attention to the video and link below.  Here at LARPBook we’re aiming to build a better studio to improve the quality and range of videos we produce.

The next stage is to buy a new computer and a set of studio software to go with it and we were hoping that the larp community might want to assist.

So I am going to ask you to do two things. First watch the video below. In it our lead host and all round video guy Stuart will explain what we’ve bought in the past and what we are hoping to buy next.

Secondly click on the link below the video and consider donating to the campaign. All the usual Go Fund Me rules apply. Please read these if you are not sure on how Go Fund Me works.

Finally I’d like to say thanks. Either for donating or just taking the time to listen.


Help Us Buy New Equipment

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Creating Larp Atmosphere with Names

Creating Larp Atmosphere with Names

Here is the thought. Names give a culture flavour. You hear a name and you immediately start cultural associations. Rightly or wrongly a name trips your cognitive bias and imagery or assumptions about that person or place hit the imagination.

Names are powerful things.

So can we make use of this when bringing new players into a larp?

There are some fantastic settings and mythos in larp, I think it’s a natural trait of larpers and larp designers to come up with wonderful stories and settings.

I sometimes wonder though if writing a story or mythos with a some heroes and great places is enough.

Yet how do we do more. Chronicling every location, and every event isn’t realistically possible. Besides which trying to think of everything at once would probably not lead to anything useful. Settings need time and space to grow. They cannot be magicked out of a hat.

So here is the idea. Write the mythos and the setting. Create the backstory and in it leave enough mystery for future growth and surprise. Then in addition come up names. Names for the ordinary man and women in street. Not characters – just names you might hear. Come up with the names of towns and villages. Not whole maps. Just names you may hear. The same is true public locations – shops, hostelleries, meeting spaces, and so on.

What you are doing is not adding to your background; or detracting from it. You are just creating some flavour.

If you are then generating characters use the names you have written but do not be limited to them. Does a change to pronunciation of an existing name work – go for it. If you think of a new name then great – add it to the list. This evolves the name dictionary for your world.

If your players are creating characters then make sure thet have the list. Let them pick from it but also make it clear that this is an inspirational list. Not a rigid thing to select from. Instead more of a set of guidelines to help their imaginations along the right path. If you like the look of the names your players come up with then these can also go on the list.

Everytime a character is created you are then either using a name that fits or adding to the richness of your games mythology.

This should also help your plot writers when it comes to adding another story to the background of your larp.

Every story helps name the things in your world and every name helps build the world.

Of course the bonus is that all the characters will have names that help describe their shared heritage and background.

Names will make your world richer and more flavoursome.

Of course games set in the real world, or a previously highly developed fictional setting already have this advantage.

The image used in this page comes from Flickr User KyOn Cheng.

Learn more about the image
Review: Find My Larp

Review: Find My Larp

First Impressions

Clear simplicity are the two words that first come to mind. The start of the home page is dominated by a single search box; Google style. Type in what you are looking for and the site will try and find it.

Scrolling down takes us to instructor buttons that will help its two primary audiences (larp organisers and larpers), learn how to use Find My Larp. These help areas are simply written and should be a help to anyone. For me the focus is on organisers and there is some nice transparency on how payments later. I’ll come back to the payments later but for now lets say I like the method used.

Finally we come to options to select larp by country and genre. Arranged in a grid with large nicely illustrated buttons these are nice and easy to use.


So how easy is it to search?

Well the home search box didn’t immediately accept text for me. However clicking on the magnifying glass logo solved that. Simple text searches work well and bring up the available options

Also You move from into a search area with options for selecting, countries, genres, price ranges and if the larp is child friendly or not. I really applaud the indictor for child friendly. Very often it is not explicity stated on larp websites if an event is child appropriate or not. So making this a thing here is really important. Well done.

Putting in prices ranges is another smart move. It feels as if the price differentials in larp get bigger every year. Again leading this to be something that needs to be clearly illustrated.

Search results are shown on a grid of results, in a list, or on a map. The map is cool. Although personally I prefer the grid. This is a personal response – I just happen to find this view easy to read.

Search in Find My Larp


So now we now that we can find things what does a larp listing look like?

Like a product listing is the answwer. The illustration is from Bothwell School of Witchcraft. An inaugral listng for Find My Larp. You can see space for a large clear illustration and easy to use ticket selectors. Scrolling down there is plenty of space for descriptive text, a link to the larps creators, a Google map of its location.

Importantly there is plenty of space to describe both the larp and any payment options / terms. Flicking through the listings I haven’t found anything that looks like a larp that has run out of space describing itself. Big tick there.


Find My Larp takes payments for tickets. This is done via Stripe. You may not have heard of Stripe before. Do not be concerned about that. Stripe is an online credit card processing system that has been making big inroads with Internet developers. It is very secure. It’s designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate into websites. Outside of LARPBook I spend some of my time working on website development and technology consulting. Like a lot of people in my position I’ve been won over by Stripe so I am very pleased to see it being used instead of PayPal.

This is a great decision.


Final Thoughts

Find My Larp is a welcome addition to the websites on the Internet that list larps. It is well thought out and it is easy to use. I’ll admit I haven’t made a booking through it yet – though that is almost certainly only a matter of time.

If I was launching a new larp – I would list here. No question about it.

I particularly like its International slant. Travel for larp and in fact larp itself is becoming global. Working with that trend can only be the smart move for Find My Larp.

Click Here for Find My Larp

Visit Find My Larp
LARPBook Special: The Green Cloaks Interview

LARPBook Special: The Green Cloaks Interview

Green Cloaks is a larp that has been growing quickly and getting a lot of attention recently. It is a science fantasy tale about the fate of humanity amongst the distant stars.

Which means that we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Enys Coggles and Sammy Kilsby about the Green Cloaks.

It was an interview beset with technical difficulties. Basically our normal interview system developed a rebellious streak and pretty much went on strike. We resorted to plan B. As a result we were only able to make an audio recording; but it is a good one.

We hope you enjoy it .


Listen Now


Larping Modifications For The Win!

Larping Modifications For The Win!

In today’s culture it is normal for someone to upgrade what they already have. People with cars modify them to have nitrous. A popular vape box mod is adding an atomizer to an e-cigarette. PC gamers will mod their computers so that the graphics on their games can run at high frame rates. Those who LARP are not afraid to modify their equipment either!

A LARP, or a live-action role playing game, is the process of pretending to be a character from a board game or fictional universe. People playing a LARP will act as if they are their favorite character from a particular role-playing game, donning that character’s clothing and using the character’s weaponry to play-act scenarios from a game in a real-world context. The idea behind live-action roleplay is to bring fictional universes into the real world.

Live-action roleplay games started in the 1970s, when game enthusiasts started re enacting events from their favorite board games. The LARP phenomenon has continued to grow ever since, and there are game festivals, conventions, and tournaments throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

LARP Gameplay Rules

Like regular role-playing games, LARP participants create rules so that their live-action game coincides with the rules of the board game or fictional universe it was inspired by. Generally speaking, these rules dictate how a live-action character can act in the wider context of the game, tournament, or competition itself.

Just as importantly, LARP rules tell players what weaponry they can use during gameplay. Most of the time, game participants are allowed to use foam swords, airsoft guns, or a NERF Gun to re-create game situations.

Modifying LARP Weapons

Because they are so easy to make, the majority of LARP players make their own swords before joining a game. To make your own sword at home, all you need is a few tubes of pipe insulation foam, duct tape, and a polypropylene pipe. In terms of tools, it’s best to have a pocketknife and a sharp pair of scissors handy.

Now that you have your insulation foam, pipe, and duct tape at the ready, start making your own LARP weapon modification by cutting the insulation foam vertically, from top-to-bottom, so that you can wrap the foam around the pipe. If you can’t cover the polypropylene pipe with just one piece of insulation foam, cut your extra tubes of insulation foam into smaller strips and duct tape the foam around the pipe. The idea here is to wrap your pipe with a couple layers of insulation foam so that if you accidentally hit an opponent in the heat of battle, the impact won’t hurt them.

Expert LARP weapon designers tell us that you shouldn’t cover the entire length of the pipe with insulation foam — you’ll need room for a handle, after all. To create your very own LARP weapon handle, simply wrap one end of the pipe in several layers of duct tape. Duct tape is a great material to use for the handle because it will offer good grip when you are swinging your sword during a roleplay battle.

From an aesthetic standpoint, most LARP weapon makers like to paint or spray paint their sword when they are done constructing it.

NERF Gun Modifications for LARP Games

Besides foam swords, NERF guns are frequently used in LARP scenarios. And, like foam swords, LARP players frequently modify NERF guns to better represent the weaponry used in the game they are re-imagining.

At the moment, many LARP players are creating their own NERF wrist guns that can be hidden underneath the sleeve of a sweater or jacket. To create your own, simply take a small NERF gun and remove the yellow or orange-colored casing so that all you’re left with is the actual NERF blaster itself.

From there, screw VELCRO straps around the NERF blaster. This will enable you to strap the NERF gun to your wrist. If you want, you can further accessorize your NERF gun. Many LARP players also spray paint their NERF weapons black or dark grey to make them look more realistic.

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Devin Caldwell to LARPBook. Dean if a UK based freelance writer and larping enthusiast. We’re hoping to see more of Devins work in the future.

The image used in this article is from Flickr user Anton Olsen that shows a Nerf gun being modified. You can learn more about this image and Anton if you follow this link

LARPBook Show Episode 58: Viva

LARPBook Show Episode 58: Viva



In Episidoe 58

In this episode we have a long list of topics, To start with we wanted to place our thoughts with the people of Las Vegas. led this necessarily sombre opening for the show.

Topics of Discussion

  • PBM / Downtime
  • Stag Do – What happens when non larpers want to have a larp for stag party
  • Twilight Realms – event report from Tom
  • Increase in Followers for Podcast
  • Update to our show notes archive
  • Update to our Live Page
  • New Phone Case
  • Heathen LARP – Crewing.

Thank you the Matthews – In this episode Matthew Webb and Matthew Moorhouse were very active in our chat room and became a key part of the show. Thank you both very much, you were awesome.

We wanted to have a discussion about how people run downtime / PBM. It turns out that the larpbook team like playing between games but that all bar Tom have a dislike for email. This want long enough for Stuarts new toy (a cry of “I’m bored”) to come into play. I suspect that we haven’t seen the end of this discussion yet

The Stag discussed a special event where larp was requested as the entertainment for some non larpers. We discussed this on show and there is a longer article here.

Tom had recently come back from “White Gate”. The latest larp from Twilight Realms set in its mythic world of Tempress. It sounds like it was a tough game and that the campaign ante is upping..

Some good news was that we’ve had a an upswing in podcast subscriptions. Thank all of you very much for that

We also announced that the Show Notes Archive and Live Page have been spruced up. The Show Notes Archive is now all LARPBook shows – including the original pocast. Whilst the Live Page is now a direct link to Facebook from which we are launching all live shows from this point on.

We also plugged the new Phone Case we’ve designed for the iPhone 8 plus. Actually its available across the Apple Range.

Finally a quite note that Rob has signed up to crew for Heathen Larp next Summer so you can expect a full report from there.

Of course this wasn’t the only plug in this episode. There were lots of them, and at times it seemed as if we were all in competition to see who could get the most plugs in. I almost renamed this episode – “This Week in Plugs”. You’ll have to listen to the whole show to catch them all! (yes I know shameless!).

As mentioned at the top of show Matthew and Matthew (each actually thousands of miles from the other) were awesome. Perhaps my favourite comment from this dynamic due was “Post Mortem Motively Gifted”, when looking for words to describe the undead.


Coming up between Ocotber 2oth and 22nd is the Curious Pastimes Teutonia Faction Event and Banquet.

Also in October between the 28th and 29th is the Brancepeth Castle Ren-enactment and Larp Market.



If you would like to get in contact with the show just email [email protected], is there a topic you would like us to discuss or something cool you saw or fancy writing an article for the website then email the show [email protected]

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Larp as the entertainment for a stag party

Larp as the entertainment for a stag party

I was recently at a larp run as a stag party..

Now larpers putting events together to celebrate events isn’t too unusual. What made this one different is that none of the players were larpers; yet they had requested that a larp be put together for them.

So I was attending as crew and I personally had nothing to do with the stag party. I was there to help run a bespoke event. That was true for every larper there.

In fact a veritable who’s who of larp suppliers had been assembled for this.

I’ll try and explain how all of this worked and came together.

Who Did What

Larp design and event organisation
WyvernsTales History & Stories

Bar and Wench  –
The Crimson Moon

Food to die for
Mhorish Event Catering

The Venue
Oakraven Field Centre

The Overview

Wyvernstales History and Stories had been contacted to include about 16 participants in a larp event. As preparations developed this evolved into a bespoke event just for the stag party attendees. It turned out that this was far better than including the party in an existing game.

Tailoring everything to the participants created a friendly and intimate atmosphere that allowed guards to be dropped and concerns about not fitting into be removed. All the players could simply be themselves.

The reason for wanting a larp was it turned out quite simple and also a familiar story. The stag, his best man and a number of the others were all board game and D&D players. They were aware of larp as a thing but had never tried it. When the time came to organise a memorable stag event the idea of larp was posited and turned out to be the thing they did. This also means that not everyone had a gaming background. They really had no idea what to expect (beyond drinking).

The Rules

The players had no larp experience and so a very reduced set of rules were employed. Essentially enough to keep the players safe in combat. The players were given pre-generated characters complete with agendas, secrets and guides for how to play the character.

The Game

The setting was more medieval than fantasy, the story line focused on players interacting with duplicitous characters whilst trying to hide their own somewhat dubious pasts.

Of course the past has the habit of catching up with you; when you least expect it…

Essentially it was a group of people invited to meet up with a manorial lord only to find out that things were not as hoped. There were clues to find (and this group was great at that), characters to interact with, games to gamble on and of course mead to drink.

In addition to the main plot training had been laid on. The players were taught to fight with swords and to fire bows. A few of them were quite the natural Robin Hoods! Others revelled in picking up a sword or axe and being told to hit someone! Combat really opened things out for this group as they discovered that larp fighting is fun! They also discovered that it can be tiring too!

It wasn’t long before the realisation dawned that if they could do it, they could try it and that barriers and limitations were down. In effect they discovered that being in the larp was permission to play. This grew as the event progressed. They never took anything too far, they were always looking to make sure things were not being spoiled but they were also revelling in the all the options that were opening up in the game. They had learned that thing that every larper knows. Play is fun and its made all the better by letting your imagination go out for a run!


The game was simple. It did not constrain the players. Also time in and time out were dependent on their need. As was supporting what they wanted to do.

A surprise for me was being asked to help start of a mystery game where the poor stag had to undertake a series of challenges in order to unveil a murder. It ran for a set time and I have the utmost respect for the players and stag alike. I won’t say what happened, I will give applause. In other words just because a  larp had been ordered didn’t mean that other things can be done to suit the needs of the players.

The aim was fun and we succeeded.

The Photos

Just to give you a feel for things


So here are few things that were a result of this weekend.

Larps biggest problem is not being understood. On this weekend both gamers and non-gamers had a very good time. Once someone realises that larp is fun and that they have permission to play then amazing things happen. To grow larp needs to help get that message out.

Gaming culture has an impact on how a game is played. Non larpers placed in a larp do not behave like larpers. The extent of this is normally masked as most games contain old and new players; with the effect of moderating behaviour. Put all non larpers together and suddenly larp tropes are gone and a new dynamic is established.

A number of the players realised that they had opened the doors on a whole new world and they were fascinated. There were some fantastic conversations as a result. Experiencing is far better than any amount of show and tell.

A bespoke larp for people not used to the hobby can be a fantastic thing. It creates an atmosphere all of its own and it is something to be revelled in. Ask me to do another of these and I’ll be there in a heart beat.

And Finally

Thank you to everyone – for letting me work on and experienced such a great weekend.

Christmas Pop-up

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