This week seems to be a week of reporting on events focussed on supporting LARP rather than actual events. However every LARPer needs to talk to other LARPers and opportunities to touch and try out LARP Kit are few and between. So it makes sense to me to report on these as well talk about all other things LARP.

About What’s Your Game

Date: 9th – 10th February 2013

Location: Blackfriars Priory and New County Hotel Gloucester

Web Site:

You should think of this as two events –  a LARP trade fair – where games can be held plus a an evening tournament and banquet. I can’t say in principle what is not to look forward to.

I can only apologise for not posting this earlier – but hopefully this host will help some of you who don’t live too far from Gloucester to get to the event,

So lets make it up a little by saying something about Herofest LARP. Herofest seem to be behind the event so I think it only right that I give you a link to their web site. There is not doubt that I’ll be covering Herofest in more detail this year but for now here is the link for their site


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