I’m writing this on the Wednesday before the August bank holiday weekend in the UK. A day that for a large number of UK LARPers is the time of preparation and packing. Quite possibly the last normal day before traveling out to either a festival larp or a smaller but still important game.

In the UK the end of August and in particular the August bank holiday is the time of LARP

Look at the roads and amongst the holiday makers you will see swords, armour and monsters. At the motorway service stations you’ll run into tourists and tribe members. Everywhere you go you’ll bump into a LARPer.

Its reassuring to see the hobby on the move. LARP so often happens behind the scenes that is good to be able to look out and see strangers that you are bonded to by the knowledge that you are all going to an event.

So here we are – ready for a big LARPing weekend. I look forward to meeting old friends, making new friends and waving to other LARPers on the road.

Let the big weekend of LARP begin.

My thanks for Flickr user Jens Baitinger for this posts image. Click here for more information about this picture.

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