On the last episode of the LARPBook Podcast we took quite a bit of time to review and discuss Treasure Trapped. The result was a fantastic thumbs up. If you’d like to experience the review take a look at the show notes – these will give the links for the podcast and YouTube video.

If you just want to view the video – here it is:

After the show I thought it might be a good idea to talk about lessons learned from the film

1 – We Should Start to trust the media

For a long time it feels that in the UK at least LARPers have been distrustful of TV, FIlm and News Outlets simply because coverage of LARP has in the main seem to ridicule the hobby and its participants. Treasure Trapped proves that good coverage is possible, Perhaps instead of avoiding exposure we should now think about ways to help the press understand the hobby,

2 – We Have a History

Every LARPer knows that the hobby has developed over time (but not much – just over 3 decades), but we don’t always seem to celebrate that. Perhaps we should remember how far we have come in such a short time. Look and then and now and understand how good both are.

3 – We Are Creative People With Vision

There are people in LARP in the UK and Europe who have a deep vision of where the hobby can go. In fact lets face it all LARPers  are creative. Its in the nature of the Hobby. The point is that as the hobby develops we will end up developing new games and new ways of playing and learning from each other on an international level. That is exciting.

4 – Thinking Big Works

Thinking big doesn’t just mean lots of players. It also reveals itself in depth of scope or immersion. Looking at how games are being played in different places tells me that the hobby can only keep on expanding in what it does. That is cool. It also tells me that as more and more people larp, those of us with some experience should move beyond traditional games to see what we can do with new ideas.

5 – Larpers Are Well Adjusted

This film blows out of the water any myth that larpers are not socially well adjusted people, We are in fact exceptionally social and well adjusted, If we were not we could not LARP. It really is that simple. In fact I’ve never experienced a more welcoming crowd than larpers. We really know how to create a family atmosphere. This means that the image comes from how hard it is to convey what larp is. To that we need to look to point to find ways to people just how wonderful we are.

The film is an exceptional look at the hobby. For me though it most definitely says that we are heading for a great future.

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