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  • World Building
  • Pokeman Go
  • AR LARP?
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World Building – what to think about when constructing a game world
We use  “After the Heat Ray” as an example. After The Heat Ray is set in the months following the events of H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. Based on the game and our own ideas we work through how to construct a world from a starting point.

Is Pokemon Go somewhere between Video Game and LARP?

Is AR Useful for LARP? Or is it Overkill – We discuss can Augmented Reality able to help a LARP or does it just remove too much physicality and human intereaction



Medium – the site for articles and reading is producing some really interesting larp articles. This link will take you directly to a search for all LARP articles,

Don’t forget to submit events to LARPBook. We talk through all the updated methods of doing so at at

We now also include contact forms to organisers on larp events


  1. The Vale: Expedition 11
    Majestic Oak LRP
    July 21st to July 24th 2016
    The Vale is a competitive Player Vs Player Vs Environment live-action roleplaying game built around competition for resources set in a high fantasy world following a global disaster.
    Link to LarpEvents
  2. Frail Nights
    Frail Realities
    July 24th to July 30th 2016
    West Midlands
    In 1818 French Mathmagicians seeking to release the Lich King Napoleon from his heavily warded prison on St Helena instead succeeded in fragmenting reality, causing time and space to collapse and the world to change forever.
    Link to LarpEvents



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