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  • Google Translate and LARP
  • Larpbook goes to twitter
  • Why Can’t We Fight Properly
  • Game of Thrones LARP
  • Global LARP Update
  • Hypothetical help and more!

How to get this show


Google Translate – how trustworthy is it?

The Launch of LARPBook on Twitter:

PBM – Forums – Email or Something else (google docs). What do you use and what is best? What about Teamspeak?

Facebook discussion: Why can’t we fight properly?  Does being forced to pull our blows etc  make the roleplay less realistic.

Global LARP Update – this may become a reality

Events Section

Game of Thrones LARP –
Location: Czech Republic
29 August – 30 August
29 August at 14:00 to 30 August at 14:00 in UTC+02
Near Carlsbad

HypoPathetical Help

Hi There,

I have a problem with my shaft!, It just won’t hold the latex and is a bit wobbly….can you advise?

I also have a problem with my knitted armour, I can’t get the flower pattern in the center of the chest…..which leads me onto another problem…..which I believe is a problem which I need to see a doctor about…

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Sir Brett Marris
Sir Peter Lindsay

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