LARPBook Podcast – 2016 Show Notes

Episode 41: Grab Shaft with both Hands
In this episode Thom poses a good question. Stu and Rob embark on the dirtiest, smuttiest larp weapon check…

Episode 40: Pirates Tickets Oh My!
Rob no longer looks like he is under pale moonlight and Stu gets charged more for a flight.

Episode 39: Well String My Bow
In which Rob fails to speak French, and Thom does some first class drooling

Episode 38: I Choose You PokeyOff
In which Rob dreams of Martians and Thom decides that Pikachu is not a larper

Episode 37 – It Comes in Barrels Right?
Alcohol and LARP  (Mead!) plus a discussion about realistic hits

Episode 36: Just a Quicky
In this show Rob is handed to the High Septon and Stu flies solo

Episode 35: Thom is Hot
In this episode Thom is hot and Rob remembers faeries and Viking singsongs.

Episode 34: LARP Bitch
In this episode WiFi mutes Rob as he relies on chat and Thom can’t believe what he is hearing. Also we trial new system for putting the show together.

Episode 33: LarpHouse is in da house
In this episode Thom is scheduled to squeal like a girl and gets all worried. Meanwhile Rob gets all geeky over Donald Bellisario in our Larp House Special

Episode 32: The one where Pete jumps in
In this episode Stu asks questions, Rob is getting over being childrens entertainer and Pete appears as if by magic.

Episode 31: In a Tavern we all go
In this episode Rob refs and Thom goes into a Tavern

Episode 30: The One Where Rob is Ill Again
In this episode Rob is ill again, Thomas and Luke talk about the most appropriately larp named location “Goblin Combe”

Episode 29: The 3 Muskabeards
In this episode Stuart goes into Super Rant Mode. Everyone else goes to have a cuppa

Episode 28: Under The Sea
In this episode Stuart gets a new toy, Luke gets locked in a hotel, Thom is threatened with a Mermaid make over and Rob mentions antics on runways.

Episode 27: Beyond The Matrix
In this episode Rob plays with the worlds smallest lightsaber, Luke drinks beer and Thom fears an anal probing.

Episode 26: Larper Pride with Claus
In this show Rob becomes tiny, Luke’s hamster is fed, Stuart has lost his hair and Claus is awesome.

Episode 25: I Feel Busby
In this episode what happens when you mix a yak jacket, gay chicken and spammers together.




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