LARPBook Podcast – 2015 Show Note Archive

Episode 24: One Drone Flew Over The House
In this episode Luke loses a drone to the machines, Rob gets sponsored by L’Oreal and Thom makes a return

Episode 23: It’s A Trap
In this episode Robs teeth return, Luke admits to owning a wig and Stuart wonders why he has to work with us.

Episode 22: Fangs for the Memories
In this show – Rob is missing teeth, Luke still has no hair and we all try out updated equipment

Episode 21: Death is not an Option
In this episode we all excited about some non-fantasy LARP

Episode 20: Steampunk Rocky Horror
In this episode Rob is off chasing corset wearing pink unicorns, Luke is buying mead, Thom is trying to stay alive and Stu gets all PTSD over Lithuanian Mead

Episode 19: The End of Silliness
In this episode Luke gets confused about Steampunk and Rob is method acting a nasty little rash.

Episode 18: The Disconnect
In this episode, Luke loves Liz, Rob goes missing under a swinging chandelier and a swordmaster speaks out against bad technique

Episode 17: The Delirium Episode
Stuart is exhausted whilst we review Treasure Trapped and talk about Global LARPs

Episode 16: Thom Is Our Bitch
In which we talk about the gathering, balrog games, USA larp, Jeremy Clarkson and Thom is our Bitch

Episode 15: There Be Pirates Yarr
Taking a look at the Raglan Pirate Festival and all Football fans are cosplayers.

Episode 14: Wild Human Fur
The dangers of using Google Translate around LARP and a Game of Thrones event

Episode 13: The Great British Stitch Up
Frothing about Table top role-playing games and we mention the great Heroquest”

Episode 12: The Credit Card Conudrum
Luke is alone and England and he has no money, whilst we chat about Drowgate and the prospect of creating a World Spanning LARP.

Episode 11: My “Friend” has a question
In this episode, getting involved in LARP, Summer jobs, Dark Colony and waking people up in time for a LARP

Episode 10: Man Sized Tentacle
In this episode Google gets the time wrong, there is a great interview with 3 of the wonderful people from larps the series, we talk about cooking gnomes and recommend a good sauce for Elf meat

Episode 09: Lewis, funny name for a pirate
We talk to a Pirate planning to storm Raglan castle, discover a king in our midst and review Neothera Sage Event 1

Episode 08: Its got to be inflateable
Talking about LARP Camping, camping safety tips, more hypopathetical help and larp appreciation day.

Episode 07: Batman Chest Hair
Talking about props, armour, foamsmithing, with special guest Bill Doran

Episode 06: The Chainmail Bikin Conundrum
Of Siege Damage and Chainmail Bikinis

Episode 05: The Monkey Technique
3 guests spanning old and new larpers. We learn about larp in the 90’s and what its like to join larp now.

Episode 04: 50 Shades of LARP
Coverage of the TR March Event, Introducing Sex in LARPS and the creation of a new show segment.

Episode 03: It has an Orgy Story
The Crystal Anvil, Copyright, the Metropolis LARP and does Larp reveal our innermost secrets

Episode 02: 2 Go in 1 Comes Out
Report from the LARP Awareness Party and the UK LARP Awards

Episode 01: Hamster Driven Stuff
Guest: Ivan Žalac – from Diary of a Croatian Larper, which is best LRP or LARP

Episode 00: Cage is King
Our Pilot episode – the show format and meet the hosts


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