Profiles are descriptions of a particular club / LARPing group and the games played there. The idea is to give you an idea of what it might be like to join one of these groups and to take part in one of their events.

If you’d like to create a profile for your LARP Group or Game of choice please complete the form at our Profile A LARP page.

In the meantime here are the profiles


Legends of the Stars

Contact Name: Larp Adventure Program Contact Email: [email protected] Group Name: Legends of the Stars Group Website: Describe Your Game Genre: A nordic larp space opera, taking place on a battleship, influenced...

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Gisido Larp

Contact Name: Camryn Santos Contact Email: [email protected] Group Name: Gisido LARP Group Website: Other Web Page (such as Facebook Group): Describe Your Game Genre: A fantasy LARP with steampunk...

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Altered Reality

Contact Name: Jon Pitchford Contact Email: [email protected] Group Name: Altered Reality Group Website: Other Web Page (such as Facebook Group): Describe...

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Balrog Games

Contact Name: Kes Sampson Contact Email: [email protected] Group Name: Balrog Games Group Website: Other Web Page (such as Facebook Group): Describe Your Game...

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Lichwood Grove

Group Name: Lichwood Grove Group Website: Background: Lichwood Grove was formed in summer 2014 with just four people and has been growing steady ever since. We have a strong core of regulars who are happy to help anyone...

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Wyvernstales Larp

Background About Your Group: We have been running over 15 years using a variety of systems, currently we are running Forest Argent and occasionally Fairy Tales. We run in both Exeter and Southampton day events, as well as between 3 - 4 weekend events a year. With...

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Shards of Massagon

Background Shards of Massagon is a Virginia based LARP that serves players from all over the central east coast. We operate as a LLC organization dedicated to providing our players with a lively, gritty game world, a great deal of depth, roleplay, and fun. Your Game...

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The Neothera Saga

Background The Neothera Saga LARP system was formed in 2014 by husband and wife team, Tommy and Hannah Hackett-Brown. Our experienced and creative team of staff include other family members (spanning three current generations) and dedicated and knowledgeable members...

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