LARP exists as a great swirling chaotic collection of individuals, clubs and companies all contributing to a something that is fantastic, vibrant  and full of creativity.  Yet if you are a newcomer to LARP or have only ever played in one group how to extend outwards to find other games and events?

One approach is to scour Google and Web Sites like this one and see if you can find references to games and events that may be going on. This works well and you probably end up with a serendipitous collection of ideas and possible clubs to get in touch with.

I want to show an alternative to this. I want to show you a way of looking at a directory of UK LARP events. You can find this at:

Simply put Larpevents catalogues and displays information on all the LARP Events and Clubs it can. It is a very focussed web site that enables you to filter and search by Name, Organiser, Genre, and Locations to find the events that most interest you. It is a very handy, quick and easy to use resource.

Like any directory it depends on people listing in it – so if you organise a LARP and you haven’t put it on larpevents – why not list it hear – it may help people get in touch with you for your next or future games.


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