Green Cloaks Event 4 2018 Photo Gallery

Green Cloaks Event 4 2018 Photo Gallery

I got lost on the way to Green Cloaks

Ok so I stupidly put the wrong information for Green Cloaks in my sat nav and ended up a few miles. Fortunately I called in and was given directions and a warm welcome. It was time for tent up and to go and see what was going.

The Friday Battle

Whilst I’m not going to give a blow by blow of the full game, it’s opening is something that stood out. Carefully following the monster team took me to an attack on a faction camp. So far so normal. Except that in the chaos an inflatable sofa from a neighbouring camp was kidnapped. That was my introduction to Green Cloaks. It’s a military larp for sure. You really get the feeling that the players are portraying members of armies. It’s a also a rollicking good Science Fiction yarn that lets players and monsters alike run their imaginations wild. It’s a great laugh.

What’s Green Cloaks all about

Set in the years following 6012 (so sometime in the future), humans living in a distant star cluster find themselves in a new era. Where human polictics and commerce mingles with the influence of alien races and a growing understanding of the Omega plane. A once legandary idea intersects reality and myth. It adds a magical element to green cloaks. The soldiers are recognisable as soldiers. Men and women in uniform trying to do the right thing.

In the Green Cloaks space travel is common. The action thought takes place where troops are deployed. It takes place on the ground. Ships just get to where you are going. This is not space ship focussed space opera. This is all about the people.

In fact if you want something to compare it too then think Warhammer 40K. Without the oversized power armour. You can also add direct comparisons to the colonial marines of Aliens and also films about World War 2. The whisper I heard is that Kellys Heroes was a strong influence.

How did I find Green Cloaks

I need to start by saying thank you to everyone. You were all incredibly welcoming and supportive. The game has a lot of focus on the faction camps. The military structure makes possible an easy issuing of tasks and roleplaying. There is a lot of role-playing that went on into the night. There is als plenty of Nerf action. Both in sudden skirmishes and larger scale battles. The final battle on the Sunday was fluid, tactical, fast and exciting. Oh and a lot of Nerf darts were fired. I heard that 10,000 rounds of ammo was sold to players onsite.

Roleplaying and action. Yes that is my bag.

Any Downsides

In the game. No. There is a growing facilities issue, in that parking in particular is getting tight. However I did hear of plans to correct that. Which means that things should only get bigger and better.

Would I go back to Green Cloaks

Absolutely, its too good a game not to go back to.

The Bumper Green Cloaks Photo Gallery

If you would like a full resolution copy of any of these photographs just let me know. The photograph title is a reference number you can refer to it with

Colony Wars Nerfed Up Larp 2019 and LARPBook

Colony Wars Nerfed Up Larp 2019 and LARPBook

LARPBook is getting involved in Larp Production

Back in June Stu and I attended Colony Wars – it was our first time at a Colony Wars event, and we had a great time.

If Want to Know More about that event click here

And if you want to know more about an earlier iteration….

This led to a conversation between ourselves and Ram, the man behind Colony Wars Nerfed Up Larp. In short he was wondering if we would be interested in co-producing the next event?

Well that was an easy one to answer. It had to be a resounding yes!

We knew that we could get one well with Ram, and we believe that his use of classic SF movies is creating an incredibly rich backdrop to play against.

It also fitted into our plans. For a while now we’ve been talking in hushed tones about running a convention or maybe a game. This offer kicked us from how should we into “lets do this” mode. Gotta thank Ram for that.

What to expect from the game

Colony Wars draws its inspiration from the Colonial Marines from Aliens and then adds in other sources to create a rich universe. For the game we’re working on you expect inspirations drawn from

  • The Aliens Franchise
  • Terminator
  • Predator
  • Outland
  • Space Above and Beyond

And no doubt others. But that’s enough for now

The plan is to take this background and create something that will be appealing to experienced larpers, but crucially very accessible to new players. For new players we’ll be putting together

  • How to information
  • Weapons and maybe prop rentals or purchases
  • Assistance with getting costume on a budget

The aim to reduce the cost of a first larp – so as to encourage people to try.

When, Where and How Much

We’re looking for the game to run next June. The current favourite date is 21st – 23rd of June 2019
The Venue is very close to Stansted Airport
The price £35 per person although be aware that there may be some additional costs. We will detail all of these as the game develops. So that everyone will now what they are getting into.

How Do I Learn More

Right know there is an active Facebook group.
You should go there for the community and immediate information.

We’re building a website to support next years game. This will include online ticket sales. We’ll announce that sites address shortly

Also look to LARPBook itself for an ongoing development blog and special video features

2019 – is going to be a great year.

Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

United We Stand is a cyberpunk larp that ran on the 10th March 2018 at Bravo One in Birmingham (UK). This isn’t a review – its more of a gallery with event information. When Roberto from the event asked us if he could submit an event gallery; well  I jumped at the chance and we now have a great gallery and some more information for you. I’ll start with the visuals, before moving to the event background and news of another larp later this year.

The Gallery

About United We Stand

This is a Broken Dream Larp. Broken Dreams have been assembling some powerful and interesting larps. Right one The Quota is has broken into mainstream press coverage in the UK. Look to the end of this article for a links section. United We Stand is the first Tenement 67 game from this group. Tenement 67 are cyperpunk games. Here’s an official description of the setting for this event.

It’s December 2039, the general strike against corporate employment is now in full effect. In Tower One the intra block media network pushes the corporate agenda, these strikers are criminals who have taken over and over again but refuse to give back by simply doing their jobs. The board rooms have been left with no choice but to authorise the deployment of Heinreiter mediators to resolve the dispute by any means necessary.


If it was not for the daily rallies and support meet ups you’d think nothing was going on in the Tenements, gangs still via for control of ever smaller territory, the stim still flows and the beats keep on pounding.


Ever vigilant the Humanitarian Workers Union are watching the shadows for Fixers, Heinreiter filth and the worst of all scabs and turncoats. With tensions high there have been instances of violence against the wrong parties and backlashes by threatened Fixers. It isn’t the revolution they wanted but it’s the one the Union is getting.


As a Union rally gathers for days protest unseen enemies circle in the crowd amongst those on the periphery just trying to get through the day. These are certainly uncertain times in the tenements and you don’t need to be one of the wise to notice things feel like they are about to kick off.

Learn More

If this whetted your appetite or you are just a little curious these are the links you need

Tenement 67: Tales from the Tenements Website

Broken Dreams Larp  – Facebook Page

Web Page for The Quota

Tenement 67 Event 3

If this has given you some enthusiasm for entering a cyberpunk world then you don’t have to wait too long for the next one. Event 3 – The Price we pay is scheduled for November 10th 2018. Bookings Open in April 2018 and the cost of the event is £45.


All photographs used in this article are copyright Ara McBay

LARP Event: Orion Sphere LRP – Event 1

LARP Event: Orion Sphere LRP – Event 1

Event Name: Initialize

Event Description: Orion Sphere LRP is a new science fiction live roleplay system set in the distant future of our own galaxy. Players join one of the four major Factions and compete for fame, wealth and the chance to influence the destiny of the Orion Sphere.

Initialize is the first event held in the Orion Sphere universe, and will give players an introduction to the setting and the powers that rule it – the four Factions and the MegaCorps that facilitate commerce between them.

Player characters are part of one of the four Factions; the authoritarian Terran Ascendancy; evangelistic Tulaki Dominion; mysterious Elysian Commonality; or diverse Free Union of Sovereign Worlds.

“After decades of increasing tension between the four major Factions of known space, the reclusive Spacer Collective has invited a few select groups and individuals to take advantage of a unique opportunity. They offer the hire of one of their starships, equipped with a Jump Drive, and able to traverse thousands of light-years in a matter of moments, rather than months. Those invited have the chance to intervene in events stretching across the vastness of the Orion Sphere, and influence the fate of thousands of inhabited worlds”.

Orion Sphere LRP events use a mission-slot structure to give players the opportunity to complete missions and earn rewards at a time of their choosing, either on the local planet or by travelling to other worlds via our Spaceship Bridge Simulator rig.

To learn more about the universe of Orion Sphere LRP and to book tickets, visit our Wiki at –

Practical Details

Event 1 – Initialize – will be held at Cox Wood Scout Camp between Chester and Wrexham. Bookings are now open, but only 100 adult spaces are available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Event Start Date: 18th May 2018

Event Finish Date: 20th May 2018

Event Costs:

  • Adult Early Bird Ticket (before 7th April) – £65
  • Adult Full Price Ticket – £75
  • Children Aged 12-16 – £20
  • Children Aged 7-11 – £15
  • Children Under 7 – £10 (to cover site costs only)

Meal Tickets from Giddy Kipper Catering (optional)

  • Adult Meal Ticket – £35<\li>
  • Under 12s Meal Ticket – £17.50<\li>
  • Under 5s Meal Ticket – Free

Picture Credits

Our thanks for Flickr user Futurilla for this striking space backdrop. You can learn more about this image and its rights if you click here.


Project Ascension – An Immersive Cyberpunk Larp

Project Ascension – An Immersive Cyberpunk Larp

Project Ascension got in touch with us back at the start of February and I was instantly excited. Not because it was going to be all about a big budget high immersion larp. No because this was going to be all of those things and Cyberpunk.

And there’s me the 80’s throwback who remembers drinking in a bar were William Gibson was holding court and receiving gifts of really bad ties. I am an old school fan of the genre.

Taking a look a look was not a hard thing to do. So I did and promised that we would cover Project Ascension. Then my progress got slowed down by a busy day job and a bad dose of the flu. But an old school cyberpunk is never stopped. Just slowed down a little.

It turned out that Project Ascension would have no problems with ticket sales. At the time of writing they appear to be sold out.

However its still important that we take a look, and here is why.

First of all they have a very good design document and a lot of visual references for players. To me its really important that a larp projects its identity before it is run. That’s the best way to ensure that all the players make the right kind of preparations.

The design document says a lot about the environment of the game and 360 immersion (basically everything is in game), that to me is sound. It has clarity.

Also despite being a genre game Project Ascension has a clear set of identities. Few things annoy me more than (for example), when someone pulls the concept of ‘An Elf’ from one fictional universe to other.

They are a goodly number of tropes in Cyberpunk but I think Project Ascension has set out its stall  solidly enough to prevent concept bleed from one universe to another.

This feels like a solidly planned game.

I’ll put links to the Project Ascension website and also the Facebook page for Sinking Ship Creations – the wonderful people behind this.

But first some photos…

WORLD OF DARKNESS: Documentary World Premiere

WORLD OF DARKNESS: Documentary World Premiere




Date: Fri, Dec 8, 2017 11:10 PM

Where: ODEON London Tottenham Court Road
30 Tottenham Court Road, London, London, W1T 1BX, United Kingdom



  • Adult: £11.50

’World of Darkness: The Documentary’ profiles the cult role-playing games ’World of Darkness’ and ’Vampire: The Masquerade’ that created a phenomenon in the 1990s – a zeitgeist that helped shape and define film, literature, fashion and club culture. They influenced everything from the TV series ’True Blood’ and the ’Underworld’ film franchise to club fashions and storytellling but perhaps their biggest impact was on the fans, whose lives they changed forever. Entertaining and enlightening, this film features exclusive archive of the early days and development of vampire culture. Also includes in-depth interviews with the founders, creators and artists, as well as the fans and notable stars – all of whom helped evolve the franchise into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to this day.

Here’s the Trailer

International Educational Larp Conference

International Educational Larp Conference

Between April 10th and 11th 2017 Østerskov Efterskole (in Denmark), – the worlds first school where lessons are taught through the medium of roleplay will be holding an Edu-Larp conference.

What can you expect?

First of all the conference is being aimed at an international audience. This being the first year, the aim is to work on building an international community interested in using larp and situational gaming as part of education. That is cool. This is going to be an event that is focused on information sharing. Where attendees can learn from each others experience or just work together on ideas that will improve educational uses of larping.

The strategy to make this happen is use a combination of Keynote addresses, Lightening (Short) Talks and Workshops to promote the exchange of ideas.

Keynotes are aimed at being 30-45 minutes long. Sufficient for avgood address, but also a timing that should stop meandering speeches. The lightening talks have a length of 5 -7 minutes. Great for highlighting a specific point. Workshops will last 1 – 2 hours. Great for achieving an aim.

Its clear from these timings that this is meant to be an exciting and stimulating event.

The cost of this conference is 500Dkk (with a student discount of 250 dkk). At current exchange rates that puts a full ticket at approximately €67  or £58. That’s a very fair price. Not too unlike the cost of going to a larping event.

To learn more the website for the conference is at:

You’ll find everything you need to know there.

I think its great that we have an expanding range of larp conferences. One that promotes an international community of larp using educators has I think a special potential for our schools.



2017 Events from Dziobak Larp Studios

2017 Events from Dziobak Larp Studios

When LARPBook lists events its normally a page of information that gives you dates, locations, costs, genres and so on. Well this event entry is going to be a little different. Dziobak Larp Studios (famous for College of Wizardry and other blockbuster larps), have released their 2017 schedule as a video.

Since these are games of very high quality we feel that they may be of interest to you. So here you are:


If you want to learn more  about Dziobak Larp Studios – here is the link:


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