WORLD OF DARKNESS: Documentary World Premiere

WORLD OF DARKNESS: Documentary World Premiere




Date: Fri, Dec 8, 2017 11:10 PM

Where: ODEON London Tottenham Court Road
30 Tottenham Court Road, London, London, W1T 1BX, United Kingdom



  • Adult: £11.50

’World of Darkness: The Documentary’ profiles the cult role-playing games ’World of Darkness’ and ’Vampire: The Masquerade’ that created a phenomenon in the 1990s – a zeitgeist that helped shape and define film, literature, fashion and club culture. They influenced everything from the TV series ’True Blood’ and the ’Underworld’ film franchise to club fashions and storytellling but perhaps their biggest impact was on the fans, whose lives they changed forever. Entertaining and enlightening, this film features exclusive archive of the early days and development of vampire culture. Also includes in-depth interviews with the founders, creators and artists, as well as the fans and notable stars – all of whom helped evolve the franchise into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to this day.

Here’s the Trailer

International Educational Larp Conference

International Educational Larp Conference

Between April 10th and 11th 2017 Østerskov Efterskole (in Denmark), – the worlds first school where lessons are taught through the medium of roleplay will be holding an Edu-Larp conference.

What can you expect?

First of all the conference is being aimed at an international audience. This being the first year, the aim is to work on building an international community interested in using larp and situational gaming as part of education. That is cool. This is going to be an event that is focused on information sharing. Where attendees can learn from each others experience or just work together on ideas that will improve educational uses of larping.

The strategy to make this happen is use a combination of Keynote addresses, Lightening (Short) Talks and Workshops to promote the exchange of ideas.

Keynotes are aimed at being 30-45 minutes long. Sufficient for avgood address, but also a timing that should stop meandering speeches. The lightening talks have a length of 5 -7 minutes. Great for highlighting a specific point. Workshops will last 1 – 2 hours. Great for achieving an aim.

Its clear from these timings that this is meant to be an exciting and stimulating event.

The cost of this conference is 500Dkk (with a student discount of 250 dkk). At current exchange rates that puts a full ticket at approximately €67  or £58. That’s a very fair price. Not too unlike the cost of going to a larping event.

To learn more the website for the conference is at:

You’ll find everything you need to know there.

I think its great that we have an expanding range of larp conferences. One that promotes an international community of larp using educators has I think a special potential for our schools.



2017 Events from Dziobak Larp Studios

2017 Events from Dziobak Larp Studios

When LARPBook lists events its normally a page of information that gives you dates, locations, costs, genres and so on. Well this event entry is going to be a little different. Dziobak Larp Studios (famous for College of Wizardry and other blockbuster larps), have released their 2017 schedule as a video.

Since these are games of very high quality we feel that they may be of interest to you. So here you are:


If you want to learn more  about Dziobak Larp Studios – here is the link:


Event: Forest Argent – The Convergence

Event: Forest Argent – The Convergence


Candleston Campsite:


26th May 2017 – 29th May 2017


Forest Argent is a system with an open game world that the participants help to build and plot is strongly influenced by characters back stories and requests.
Investigating new worlds, daring dangerous magic, tinkering with wyrd science players have access to local groups (Southampton, Exeter, and Bristol, Scotland coming soon) allowing them to try and the system and become part of the game world before a weekend.

The Convergance is our regular long weekend event allowing us to bring the groups together and create a world spanning plot.

Convergence specifically includes

Medieval travellers, from mummers to soldiers with relic salesmen and villainous Lordlings. Melnisian slave markets, slaves, escaped slaves, villains with promises of old powersand strange pacts.Strange oriental monsters travelling the worlds looking for honour and experience. Lost Victorians and their Fay colleagues, with markets and madness. Napoleonic style travellers with musket lines, grenades and strange science.

Lots going on, many NPC’s, crewing is free and as we confirm budget we will look to provide food etc.
Also, if you are a trader, we would love to hear from you!

How Much?

Normal price: £60 (student/unemployed £50)
First time: £45 (student/unemployment £35)
Two new people: £60
A new person & a current player: £90 (1- unemployed £80 2 – unemployed £70)

(Please note, if you book within the month of the event then the price rises by £5 and if you pay on the gate the price is extended by £10)

How to Contact

Contact Forest Argent through their website:

Or via this form


South Wales Pirate Festival Gallery – 2016

South Wales Pirate Festival Gallery – 2016

We’ve been talking about Pirate Festivals quite a bit in the last year. This isn’t a review. It is more what we saw. We’ll probably do a longer piece later. Right now though this is what it looked like.

In case you are wondering why re-enactment is in Larpbook – here’s why. A pirate festival is a gathering of pirate reenactment fans, people who like to dress up as pirates and people who like to play roles. The day features a plot line. Mostly expressed as short re-enactment scenes. However there is scope between these for direct roleplay with the public. You almost see events like these as gateways to larp. Maybe even larp lite. As there are moments when the plot escapes the limitations of controlled re-enactment area and wanders free.

Here are the Pictures


Here is the Video

Event: Twilight Realms – Second Son

Event: Twilight Realms – Second Son

Starting On: 28/10/2016

Ending On: 30/10/2016

Location: The Wilderness Centre

LARP Group: Twilight Realms

Event Description

Following on from Domination, the free lands of Tempress have decided that however bad the Emperor of Helvettia may seem he has a limited time for the world. His first son and inheritor would be a reasonable and pliable leader of peace – but the second son…. loved by the army, a skilled warrior with an eye on power. He could be a threat far worse than even his father.

Join us in the Elven colony Dalcimeer, where the conspiritors and rebels plot to pry loose the fingers of the iron first of Helvettias Empire before it crushes the free lands of Tempress.


Contact The Event

Click here for the official Facebook Event Page

Here is the Facebook group for Twilight Realsm:


If you use this form the event organisers will get in touch with you



Event: Heathen LRP Event 1

Event: Heathen LRP Event 1

Event Start Date: 30th Sept 2016

Event Finish Date: 2nd October 2016

Location: Huntley Wood near Stoke on Trent

Contact Email: [email protected]

Facebook Group:


Event Description:

The year is 873AD, and Britain stands divided. From the North the Danes of the Great Heathen Army under Ivan the Bonesless and Halfdan have smashed through Northumbria, killing the King and putting the puppet King Ecgberht on the throne before sweeping through East Anglia and Mercia. All that sands between them and complete control of the Saxon Kingdoms is Wessex under the newly crowned Alfred.

But Alfred is no fool, and having used the truce he signed last summer, is sending out raiding parties of his own to gather resources and build his strength. He knows the Peace will fail, and war will follow as night follows day.

You are part of Alfred’s army, the last free folk in these islands. It is time to stand, whether you are Pagan or Christian, Monk or Housecarl, Cunning Folk or Priest. There is a line in the earth England and the Heathen must not prevail

Join us, then, for the great struggle ahead to determine the future of the Anglo-Saxon world

This is very much a coolthentic LRP; we are not looking to create a LRP-cum-re-enactment so much as explore the divergent world of Anglo-Saxon England as it might have been, not necessarily as it was. Heavily inspired by the Beowulf saga, and the historical facts, along with a healthy dose of magic and imagination we’re hoping to create heroes worth of great tales….



Player places are currently sold out for event 1 – however there is a need for more crew.

If you’d like to find out more about crewing this game please visit the crew group on Facebook:

There are plans for more events next year!


Forest Argent Weekend Event: Caddihoe

Forest Argent Weekend Event: Caddihoe

Country: UK

Where: Caddihoe (near Exeter)

When? 1st – 3rd July 2016

How much? £30 – £60 depending on discounts, Free to crew

Costs go up by £5 in June and £10 on the gate.


There has been a call, a resonance in the Great Forest, for those who wish to join them in Crusade.

Particularly for the great to meet and discuss any issues with the worlds.

However, with all the good and the great heading to one place, merchants, entertainers and old enemies gather.


Contact Information

This is a Wyvernstales LARP Forest Argent event

Here’s the link to the official Facebook Event:

Here’s the link to Wyvernstales Facebook Group

Here’s the link to the official web page for the event




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