LARPBook Show Episode 68: The Musical

LARPBook Show Episode 68: The Musical

In this show Stuart and Luke (who mercilessly left Stuart to fend for himself with Ryan Hart initially…..) and then like in most stories involving the Americans, came in at the last minute and took all of the glory…..(guess who’s writing this up…)

Topics of Discussion

  • We talk to Ryan Hart about his immersive theatre show combining LARP and site-specific dance.
  • We talk to Issy and Luke regarding Curious Pastimes

Start of the Show

Ryan and Stuart starting by welcoming all the listeners and Stuart then persuaded Thomas with en -suite migraine to help out for a while. Eventually we all got on line!!

Stuart the asked Ryan about what’s going on with Sinking Ships (an immersive theatre show involving LARP and dance). Ryan then started by stating that they are using LARP as a medium and introducing dance too.
Ryan then went on to say that the immersive theatre show in New York is where the players go into a basement to investigate a scenario (murder mystery), from there the experience then takes a supernatural theme using dance as a medium. Ryan hope that this will appeal to both LARPers and Non larpers a like.

Although Stuart got the concept he didn’t quite get how dance fitted into the scenario. Ryan attempted to explain what he thinks a LARP is, taking into account an interactive experience and also some story line with a cross over into traditional show with the result being an unusual musical hybrid show utilising LARP scenario ideology.

Stuart summed this up by stating that this was basically a really good episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and also said that he was really interested in the concept and also admitted he would really love to do a musical type affair……Luke disagreed!!…..using the medium of song.

Ryan then said that he really wanted to try something different and was tired of the same stereotype LARP event.

All presenters and Ryan then went into Monty python……..and we lost the plot!!.

Ryan then stated he was starting a Kickstarter which will hopefully get interest from many different area and this will be available on the 19th September 2018 on :

Facebook – The Mortality Machine


The Mortality Machine Website

Stuart then went on to say that he really liked the concept that LARP is being used for many different events and that he loves the ideas that he is hearing about.
Stuart then asked Ryan about what he is up to on other projects, these include:

  • An event that is based on the Warriors……. this went down well with Luke!!
  • Ryan sated about Pandemonium a Halloween LARP set in the 80s.

Stuart again summed this up by saying the events are kin to Ready Player One…

Ryan then stated that all the information can be found on the sinking ships creations webpage and sign up for their updates.

Sinking Ship Creations – Events

Curious Pastimes:

In the next part of the show Stuart, Luke and Issy start a conversation on the Curious Past times event to talk about their experience. Stuart then asked what their thoughts were on the event. Luke stated that the event is a big LARP and compared to the other events they have attended, the change was awe inspiring, Stuart then asked Issy what she felt?, Issy the said that having a lot of children of all ages was a bit scary and that it was overwhelming. Issy then went to say that the costumes were amazing and very realistic and commented her favourite was “Cat” (from Red Dwarf) and both agreed that you could just people watch for the whole weekend and not get bored as there was so much to see.

Stuart stated that at the children’s event it was hard to say if the organisers were the good guys or not and Issy said she just fought everyone to keep in with both sides!!

Luke said he loved doing the monstering but as a family there are still slight draw backs to Issys and Charlies ages and although there is plenty to do, Issy felt that some of the fights were geared too much for the children. Stuart commented that when filming he felt that some of the younger kids were hammering the crap out of the monsters which was very amusing when they fought.

Luke did say that he felt CP are inclusive and there are lots of things that can be done and as it was their first year it was always going to be fairly limiting but that if they continue to attend things will get better and all the family can do more as they all get known to the other players.

Luke then stated they had a great time and that although he would change a few things about what they did at the event, he felt they had a great time. Credit was given to the Wolves Faction as they felt they were very welcoming, refs and administration as all parties felt they were exceptional.

Issy and Luke stated that CP they are very focused and that the event is a very successful as a result.

More can be found on the LARPbook FaceBook page and website on the event with photographs and videos:

End Show

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This shows image shows Luke during his time Monstering at Curious Pastimes

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 – The Family

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 – The Family

This year we did something a little different. We followed a family around Curious Pastimes. The idea was a simple one, be a fly on the wall to find out how a family gets on for their first time at a UK Fest Larp. In doing so we hoped to provide insight for other families hoping to try out larping.

In this first article we’re going to introduce you to our brave volunteers and give you an insight of what they got up to via photograph gallery.

Subsquently we’ll be releasing video interviews with them and also footage of their time in the game. You’ll be able to hear from the horses mouth as it were and also see for yourself.

Introducing the Pitt Family

You may well recognise Luke. He is one of the regular presenters of the LARPBook show and he pretty much volunteered his family for this adventure. For those of you who want a bit more detail they are

  • Luke (Aged 46 going on 12)
  • Bex (Officially not 44)
  • Charlie (Aged 9 and wants to fight everything)
  • Issy (Aged 11 and wants to get into everything)

Their Role in Renewal

In the event they each created a character at GOD, and decided that as a family they would joine the Wolves faction. This turned out to be a great idea as within 10 minutes of entering the Wolves camp they were talking to established players and starting to get involved. Thank you the Wolves for making the start of our little experiment so easy. Wolves members did this by the way with no prompting and only discovered themselves what was going on later.

About the Photos

These photographs are a picked to show the family, their chatacters, their reactions. We were looking for photos that help people see who they are and how they reacted to what was going on in the game. Some of the moodier pictures actually reflect emotional reactions from the larp itself. Which is awesome

Thank You to Curious Pastimes

Yes I’ll let you see the photos in a moment but first I want to say a big thank you to Curious Pastimes for letting us run with this idea. Especially to Emmylou and Kayleigh. Thank you!


The Photos

And Finally (AKA What Happens Next)

At risk of adding a spoiler to a future post I can say that a great time was had by all. They were also invited to Wolves Banquet. Being invited back is always a great sign of playing a great game.

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Part 1

It’s part 1 as this is part 1 of our photograph and general coverage of this years Renewal event by Curious Pastimes. It’s part 1 because we wanted to do things a little differently. Mostly when we cover a larp there is a collection of photographs and videos. This time we set ourselves a goal. We wanted to document a family at a UK fest larp. Our thoughts on this were simple. Using fly on the wall techniques we wondered what it would be like to follow a family who have never larped as a family at an event.

This created a whole of material.

At this point of writing we are still working our way through all the material we’ve collected. At this point I can most definitely say that you will be getting some great photos; a insight into a childrens linear and some footage of the family talking that is both insightful and hilarious.

This Post Is Not About the Family

As I mentioned we are working on the family footage. This instead is a more of a traditional wandering camera’s eye view of Renewal 2018. It’s picture of other people and scenes at the event. It’s closer to one of our more traditional photo galleries.

Closer because this timne I’ve scattered more behind the scenes shots than I normally would. Although the larp in action style of photography is great, perhaps it is time to look behind the veil more often. So I think that starting with Renewal I’ll be looking to do more of this. Show the product and what happens to make it happen.

Thoughts on this years Renewal

I think this years game stood out on production standards. The physical build was immense this time around. A library complex, a senate building, pillars, statues. There were more items of architectural significance than I have seen in recent years. It felt as if someone just wanted to up the proudction standards. Of course games like this are not just about production standards. Its about the atmosphere and despite terrible weather on the Sunday I think Curious Pastimes pulled it off. The opening was original, and had everyone asking questions and wondering what was going on. This combined nicely with sets that had been built to create a fresh atmosphere.

So top marks on keeping the feeling of originality going.


I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone we talked to at the event. You were all marvellous. Pleas give yourselves a clap on the back and thank you.



The Gallery

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