LARPBook Show Episode 65: Lukes Bell End

LARPBook Show Episode 65: Lukes Bell End

Of Time Zones

In this episode we were due to be joined by Ryan Hart and Josh Knox of Sinking Ship Creations. Which would have been very appropriate as episode 65 was to see the completion of our latest prize draw. A ticket to the One Big Larp, Six Studios conference later this year. It turned out Ryan was an hour late so we talked and ran the prize draw regardless.

Now a guest from the USA being 1 hour late has happened before. In fact its happened more than once so I looked into why does Google give people the wrong time. I think you may like the answer. So I’ll take a moment to talk about it.

We live in the U.K. and as such we always think of ourselves as being on GMT. It’s the native Brits timezone of choice. Greenwich Mean Time – the start of all timezone calculations. That as it turns out is the problem. In the Summer we move clocks forward one hour for British Summer Time. In the UK we think of British Summer TIme as marking the start and end of Summer. However it turns out it does more.

That’s because since 1984 the standard for measuring time has been UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). That’s the standard Internet time beats too. Under UTC both GMT and BST are separate time zones. GMT is still the start of timezone calculations (UTC+0). BST however is UTC+1. It is one hour ahead of GMT.

So if you ask Google to show the time for GMT. You’ll only get the right time for half the year. For the other half you’ll be one hour behind.

So it looks like we need to apologise to our guests for saying we are on GMT. We should say we are on London time or UTC+0 or perhaps GMT in Winter and BST in summer.

Hopefully that explains all.

Sorry to our International guests

Our Competition Winner

The winner of our prize draw to win a ticket for  One Big Larp, Six Studios. Is  Gill Edgar. Gill we will be in touch shortly to arrange your ticket.

The Hour Long Conversation

Not counting the prize draw we had a good hour long conversation. This was massively aided by our wonderful chat room, Here is what we talked about

Thom needs Rico – Thom was unable to attend to a mysterious message about having a problem with a bug. We immediately thought of Starship Troopers and that perhaps Thom needed the Roughnecks to help him out.

Lukes purchase of an Emperor (8m) Bell Tent. A massive erection that looks more capable of housing a few tents (or zeppelins) inside it. Yes we made some fun but we also had a chance to talk tents and that was good

Brotherhood of the Black. This is a pirate festival that Luke is involved in the running in Nelson, South Wales this August. He gives a good accounting of what is planned

There was also a good bit of chat about our early Role Playing experiences.

All the rambling changed when Ryan came on

Ryan Hart

Ryan is from Sinking Ship Creations. He’s well known in Larp and an excellent thinker on the subject. We pretty much gave Ryan a platform to say what we wanted and what he had to say was fascinating. There was talk about how Larps interact in the US and also interactively. I was personally enthused as he came back with an idea that could actually save and international larp idea of my own that has been stuck in development hell. Thank you Ryan.

I’d recommend you watch Ryans segment if nothing else. Its well worth it


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Our thanks to Bell Tent Boutique for the picture of the Emperor Bell Tent

Horror Cowboy LARP: A Fistful of Pesos 2

Horror Cowboy LARP: A Fistful of Pesos 2

It’s cowboy horror larp time. Way back in the mists of 2012 I was lucky enough to play in the original Fistful of Pesos game. You can read that review here.  I had a very good time.

The resurgence of the Fear of the Dark has brought us to its sequel. A Fistful of Pesos 2.

Actually sequel isn’t strictly true as I learned that is is actually part 2 of what will be a trilogy of cowboy horror events. That’s the history. What about the event itself?

The event started at around 8pm on the Friday (June 1st 2018). The first evening really gave us a chance to settle into our characters. Yes there was some threat. But it was nothing terrifying. We got our cowboy on and got used to our sixguns, Importantly we grasped out place in the story. Up until this point we’d all received a number of mails detailing the backstory and know it all came together as we played it,.

It was 1850 and were all part of a Wagon Train that was heading out West. The journey had been arduous and now the train was in trouble. Key members had been poisoned and could not be moved. So a small party had set off to check out a shortcut to a Fort, where it was hoped that medical supplies and much needed food could be found. We were that party.

Early on in the game we reached a shack. The plan was that we’d overnight there and move. This is where larp and reality clashed. Most of the male players had decided to play U.S. macho. They’d fight, shoot, drink, ride and do all the rough stuff. Women though had to cook, and clean and be submissive. So the games sole female player found herself being pushed towards the kitchen. The cooking was her job.

This did not go down too well. Not in the slightest.

Now some of this was due to the kind of politically incorrect banter that goes on at these games. But some of it was a modern reaction to being put in situation where current norms don’t work. Now how her character should have reacted – I’m not qualified to say. But it felt that in addition to some teasing we had genuine reaction between modern feelings and the worst of 1850,

That is something that I’ve always liked about larp. The ability to let us feel things in a way that is outside of how we normally live.

The next morning saw my character suffer the consequences of over sleeping (a bit of a shouting at), and the consumption of beans (the side effects of which would be prevalent through the day). Then we were off. All we had to do was avoid being shot at by the locals and get through a short canyon that had some bad stories told about it.

This is where I’m going to stop the account. I’m getting into spoiler territory should this ever be rerun. Also what came next had to be seen, heard and experienced. Let’s just say that as the day progressed things got strange. Things got eerie, surreal and spooky. We felt the toll of death and were pushed by forces that we didn’t begin to understand onwards but not upwards.

The high point if you can call it that was the reading of a very authentic diary that told gruesome tale of a previous wagon train that tried to get through the canyon. It was listened to in hushed silence and set us all up for knowing that a bad end could not be far away.

It was very Fear of the Dark. Letting us grow into our characters. Have room for some fun and then over time reveal the situation we were in. I had a great time. I’m looking forward to the next one

Interesting this event was inspired / taken from an actual story of a group of travellers from 1846-1847. The Donner Party. I think that helped give this an edge of realism. If you’d like to know more about the Donner Party this is a link to the Wikipedia page.

Cowboy Photo Gallery

As is becoming usual we shot some off the cuff video diaries

Diary 1: Friday: just before we started


Diary 2: Saturday: Dressed As Cowboys


Diary 3: Sunday, It’s All Over and Time to say Thank You




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