The Larp Adventure Program

The Larp Adventure Program

We’re big fans of larp gallerries. We’re also very into publishing information about larps for children or youths.

So when the Larp Adventure Program contacted us with some of their photographs; a gallery and some links just had to be done.

Before the photographs here is some information about the larp adventure program

The larp adventure program runs larp events for Youth at various camps in the United States. These are full immersion larps for 10 – 18 year olds. The goals are great so I’m going to quote these.

We promote and preserve the value of imagination and play through nurturing community that encourages self expression. We are committed to fostering the joy of life.  We do this by the methodologies of multiple intelligences, multiple literacies, 21st century skills, immersive storytelling and transformational experiences. Our goal is to create global community spaces that offer world class experiences.

Its use of larp to promote thinking, living, imagination and literacy in more ways than one.

Photographs from the Larp Adventure Program




The Explanation

I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about What you say another LARPBook website. Well yes it is and that is why I need to talk about it.

When we launched the LARPBook Show (and it wasn’t called that then), the idea was simple run a bi-monthly podcast that people could download and listen to. That model perfectly suited the distribution service we picked for the job. That being

Things however have a tendency to get progressively complex. The show’s structure has shifted. We still have a roundtable discussion show. You can subscribe to it and get it on demand via audio download, or streaming, plus of course the LARPBook YouTube Channel. It’s the YouTube channel that is largely behind the move to LARPBookMedia. Our output became not just the podcast, it expanded to include  interviews, specials and video diaries

We really were not creating a podcast anymore. We weren’t really YouTubers in a typical sense either. We were sort of a hybrid.

That was a problem because putting our output into PodBean wasn’t really suitable and is quite sprawly. Which means it contains everything but is perhaps not the best vehicle for an expanding multimedia library.

Eventually we came to a decision. Let’s build a home that makes it easy to explore the extended show related output.

So that’s what we’ve done.

We’ve built a place to explore the back catalogue, which also supports the feeds necessary to let people subscribe to the show.


State of the Project

I’m writing this March 19th 2018. This is where we are with the LARPBookMedia Project.

Our entire show catalogue has been loaded into the site and every episode can be streamed from the site

We have subscription feeds up and running. Depending on which service you use to subscribe to the show you may have to resubscribe. Also if you experience any difficulties with your subscription please let us know and we will do our best to fix it. In theory most subscribers should get continuity but please let us know if there are problems or if you had to resubscribe. This is a transition and such things can be tricky but we will help you out if we know about it.

At the moment all the show audio on points to podbean. The plan is to change all these to point to the files on LARPBookMedia. At this point this has not been accomplished but it is part of the plan and we’ll get it done as soon as we can.

Although the show is uploaded and are various too video pieces that have not been added. We’ll be looking at that too.


The Future will continue to be the first port of call for all things LARPBook. Every article, show, photograph is here. We have plans for that will make it easier to use, whilst adding on an improved feature set. is the Book of LARP.

LARPBookMedia is the library of shows. It will become the best place to go if you want to explore these. An audio and video library. Go to LARPBookMedia, pour a drink, kick back and enjoy.



Jackalope Live Action Studios: A Night in Question – AMA

Jackalope Live Action Studios: A Night in Question – AMA

We’ve run interviews before. This one with Jackalope Studios Matthew Webb and Steve Metze was a little different in that it was setup as a response to an AMA. Jackalope already had setup an AMA event, but unfortunately due to the difference in timezone. That meant that the LARPBook team couldn’t attend. From that it also follows that we probably weren’t the only people on this side of the pond who missed it.

So asked and wonderfully they said yes to doing one with us.

It turned out to have been a great idea. We got a chance to talk about larp meta techniques, the Sabbat, Vampire, White Wolf and what was planned for A Night in Question.

Of course since our guests were Texan it would have been rude not to talk about guns…

It wasn’t all plain sailing. Luke gave the Texans a true feeling of Britishness. That is he truly reminded them that they are a bunch of raggedy colonials. Please never ever vote in Luke as Prime Minister!

That’s enough preamble. Enjoy our Vampire Interview.

UK LARP Awards Winners: 2018

UK LARP Awards Winners: 2018

Winners and Runners Up of the 2018 UK Larp Awards

Player Run/Sanctioned Event of the Year

  • Empire – No Return – Winner
  • Greencloaks – 98th – King’s Keep – Runner Up

Club System of the Year

(For Larp groups and clubs that meet regularly, rather than running 1-4 events a year)

  • Fools & Heroes – Winner
  • Cuckoos Nest LARP – Runner Up

Player of the Year

(to be awarded to someone who makes Larp better for everyone as a player, rather than as crew member/event organiser)

  • Jeanette Ng – Yael 1st Empress reborn – Winner
  • Mark Hulmes – Runner Up

Bard of the Year

  • Iain Sewell – Vollsanger – Winner
  • Golden Apple – Runner Up

Small Larp of the Year

(less than 30 players)

  • Hades – Winner
  • The World Went Dark – Runner Up

Medium Larp of the Year

(30-100 players)

  • ReGenesis – Winner
  • Heathen – Runner Up

Large Larp of the Year

(over 100 players)

  • Future’s End – Winner
  • Empire – Runner Up

Family Event of the Year

(involves under 16’s)

  • Empire – Winner
  • Outcast – Runner Up

Grassroots System of the Year

(bringing new players into the hobby)

  • Future’s End – Winner
  • Fools & Heroes – Runner Up

New Larp of the Year

(debut event run after the 1st of February 2017)

  • Strange Larp – Winner
  • Tenement 67 – Runner Up

Larp Producer of the Year – Foam/Latex

  • Offa Studio – Winner
  • Light Armouries – Runner Up

Larp Producer of the Year – Leather

  • White Rose -Winner
  • VeeLeather – Runner Up

Larp Producer of the Year – Costume

  • Mark Cordory – Winner
  • Chow’s Emporium – Runner Up

Larp Caterer of the Year

  • Mandala LRP @ Curious Pastimes Lions banquet – Winner
  • Caggles Catering Corps – Runner Up

Creature Costume of the Year

  • Lions Faction at Curious Pastimes – Mandala’s stone golem costume Logrin – Winner
  • Irregular Props – Drake Costume – Runner Up

On-line Retailer of the Year

  • Clutter-buys – Winner
  • Darkblade – Runner Up

In-field Retailer of the Year

  • Das shoppe – Winner
  • Having A Larp – Runner Up

Larp Site of the Year

(New for 2018)

  • Gunman Airsoft Eversley – Winner
  • Paccar – Runner Up

NPC of the Year

  • Al Bevan – Twigg Spitter – Lorien Trust – Bards – Winner
  • Mark Fitt – Isaac Hulce – Lorien Trust – Harts – Runner Up

Event Crew Member of the Year

  • Clare Evans – Empire – Winner
  • Katie (Bug) Rodgers – Empire, Hades, Jurassica + – Runner Up

Mainstream Event of the Year

(For things that aren’t actually Larp but have a lot of Larp crossovers, like escape rooms, horror events or Secret Cinema’s)

  • Grange Live Gaming / Heroblast Acadamy / Bravo One – Winner
  • LarpCon – Runner Up

Photograph – Judge’s choice – Unit

  • Clan Na Cladach — Winner
  • Clan McCaullich — Runner – up

Photograph – Judge’s choice – General

  • Holding the Gate — Winner
  • All alone — Winner Runner – up

Overall Larp of the Year

  • Hades — Winner
  • Future’s End — Runner – up


Larpcon Apology

Larpcon Apology

It is with a heavy and this point frozen heart that LARPBook will have to cancel its attendance at Larpcon. Unfortunately at this point all members of the team are snowed in. The chances a thaw before the end of the weekend are very unlikely.
We will miss you all and hope to see as many of you of as possible later this year.
In the hope of some good coming out of this we are willing to offer our promoters table to another larp or another website free of charge. If you are interested in making use of this please let us know as soon as possible.
Project Ascension – An Immersive Cyberpunk Larp

Project Ascension – An Immersive Cyberpunk Larp

Project Ascension got in touch with us back at the start of February and I was instantly excited. Not because it was going to be all about a big budget high immersion larp. No because this was going to be all of those things and Cyberpunk.

And there’s me the 80’s throwback who remembers drinking in a bar were William Gibson was holding court and receiving gifts of really bad ties. I am an old school fan of the genre.

Taking a look a look was not a hard thing to do. So I did and promised that we would cover Project Ascension. Then my progress got slowed down by a busy day job and a bad dose of the flu. But an old school cyberpunk is never stopped. Just slowed down a little.

It turned out that Project Ascension would have no problems with ticket sales. At the time of writing they appear to be sold out.

However its still important that we take a look, and here is why.

First of all they have a very good design document and a lot of visual references for players. To me its really important that a larp projects its identity before it is run. That’s the best way to ensure that all the players make the right kind of preparations.

The design document says a lot about the environment of the game and 360 immersion (basically everything is in game), that to me is sound. It has clarity.

Also despite being a genre game Project Ascension has a clear set of identities. Few things annoy me more than (for example), when someone pulls the concept of ‘An Elf’ from one fictional universe to other.

They are a goodly number of tropes in Cyberpunk but I think Project Ascension has set out its stall  solidly enough to prevent concept bleed from one universe to another.

This feels like a solidly planned game.

I’ll put links to the Project Ascension website and also the Facebook page for Sinking Ship Creations – the wonderful people behind this.

But first some photos…

Pittsburgh City Paper – “LARPing is more than a side hobby”

Pittsburgh City Paper – “LARPing is more than a side hobby”

This is more of a link than an article.

We’re putting it up as it shows that an increasing range of people aren’t just thinking about larp, they are in fact actively taking it more seriously. This article shows one of the reasons for this. Someone making a business from larp. It’s easy enough to laugh off something when its a enthusiasts doing something in their spare time you don’t get. It’s much harder to ignore a business that can be international in scope.

Please note the image used comes from the original article and is owned by its copyright holder.

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