Between April 10th and 11th 2017 Østerskov Efterskole (in Denmark), – the worlds first school where lessons are taught through the medium of roleplay will be holding an Edu-Larp conference.

What can you expect?

First of all the conference is being aimed at an international audience. This being the first year, the aim is to work on building an international community interested in using larp and situational gaming as part of education. That is cool. This is going to be an event that is focused on information sharing. Where attendees can learn from each others experience or just work together on ideas that will improve educational uses of larping.

The strategy to make this happen is use a combination of Keynote addresses, Lightening (Short) Talks and Workshops to promote the exchange of ideas.

Keynotes are aimed at being 30-45 minutes long. Sufficient for avgood address, but also a timing that should stop meandering speeches. The lightening talks have a length of 5 -7 minutes. Great for highlighting a specific point. Workshops will last 1 – 2 hours. Great for achieving an aim.

Its clear from these timings that this is meant to be an exciting and stimulating event.

The cost of this conference is 500Dkk (with a student discount of 250 dkk). At current exchange rates that puts a full ticket at approximately €67  or £58. That’s a very fair price. Not too unlike the cost of going to a larping event.

To learn more the website for the conference is at:

You’ll find everything you need to know there.

I think its great that we have an expanding range of larp conferences. One that promotes an international community of larp using educators has I think a special potential for our schools.



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