So Stuart and I visited what’s your game and got all caught up in the atmosphere and the action of the event. However although conveying the visit in words is good. Letting you have a look around is better. So here are our first 3 videos from the event.

Lets start of with our arrival, a quick tour of the facilities and an interview from Tink of Curious Pastimes


Next up – the exploration continues. We watch the  Kings Lifeguard of Foote, and the larp duelling contest. There is also a short interview with the duelling competition winner.


We managed to get a short video interview with Jamie Blakeman of Larp Inn (he’sa bit video shy)


Of course no visit to a larp fair would be complete without talking to someone about their larp. We managed to get this interview with Beccy Miskin about Age of Aether.

Finally or at least for the moment, we thoroughly enjoyed What’s Your Game and intend to go back again next year – or to any time this team puts on a fair.





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