Children’s LARPs – Europe

Children’s LARPs – Europe

We’ve been exploring LARPs that focus on children recently. This is out third set of listings – this time covering organisations in continental Europe.

Anecdotally we’ve heard of great things throughout Scandinavia and also the Netherlands. However for the purpose of this series we’ve focused on organisations where we either had an organiser talk directly to us or a champion come forward and evangelise to us. This is true of our lists for the UK and USA as well. We felt that as children were involved we needed just a little bit more than checking out a website. Its not possible for us to check everything in person so using these personal recommendations has been important to us.

We’re also very happy to expand this list. Keep sending in recommendations and we will happily keep adding them in.

However despite saying that we have been passed a list of larps in Denmark that includes larps for children. Here is the link to that resource:

Here is the list of Larps for Children.


Web :
Country:  Hungary
Programs for Children 8 – 18 yeears of Age throughout the year. The main event is a 2 week summer camp. Educational goals are included within the games via both social inclusion (learn from anothers point of viwe) and more practical skills such as money management.

Games – N – Stuff

Country: Netherlands
Info: Runs games for Ages 6 to 12 and has been operating over the last decade. Many of the children who go here have moved onto play and NPC in big Fest larps such as Conquest of Mythodea.


Country: Netherlands
Artago specialises in providing larp experiences for 8 – 13 year olds and runs 3 events per year.


Country: Netherlands
Expatio is a long running larp in the Netherlands that provides a larp experience for 12-18 year olds. There seem to 4 games a year – including an introduction.


Web for Junior Games:
Magic School (College of Wizardry Universe):
Country: Denmark

Winners of a DUF award in Denmark. DUF is a national level organisation that promotes and enables the running of events of young people. In 2016 RollespilsFabrikken won the Youth organisation of the year award. Which is notable as it was a larping organisation up against all other types of youth activity. Though having met some of its members not too surprised.


Country: Germany
Running accross Germany. WaldRitter aims to develop children in accordance with the guidelines of the UN Children’s Rights Covention. The result is a mix of events that work with youth clubs, schools and others which provides a range of experiences for young people. I’d recommend reading their website as there are a lot of good ideas going on here in the field of childrens larps

Cave Canem

Country: Czech Republic

Cave Canem runs events based around Baltic and Slavic fairy tales aiming to look at themes and content of these. Children have their own story lines in Cave Canem allowing them to take part at the clubs events.

Dromen van Ankoria

Country: Belgium
Operated by Oneiros, Dromen van Ankoria is a Belgium larp for children of the ages 6 – 13. Events generally run from a Friday Evening to a Sunday Afternoon. The game takes place in a fantastical world. Protagonists are either other children or adults.


Country: Belgium
Also run bu Oneiros is Vortex. This larp is for players aged 12-18. Allowing a younger to player to experience larp in a peer group before moving on to adult events. Family group participation is encouraged in Vortex.


Country: Norway

TidsReiser specialises in creating larps for children. In addition to their own planned events, Tidreiser can also supply larps to schools or as birthday entertainments. Providing both an educational and or fun experience.

Thanks to

Aaron Vanek, Will O’Bourne, Kelmon80 (via Reddit), Tar_alcaran (via Reddit), Zarremgregarrok Ondřej Palovský, Annelies Van Duppen, Arjen de Jong, Anders Gredal Berner



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Several Thoughts on The Cost of LARPs

Several Thoughts on The Cost of LARPs

Ok this came up in Facebook today and I’m posting it now as I think this could be a series of things to exam in 2017. The subject is the cost of larps. Historically event prices at LARPs (at least in the UK as these are the prices I know), have been generally quite low. However venue costs are rising (amongst other things). So are expectations. This drives the price up.

Then we came across this – (via Claus Raasted). An article that gives a financial breakdown on the cost of a larp. Here’s the article –  GYRM – How We Made A Loss

I think that next in 2017 this is going to be topic that we’ll be looking at


The image used comes the Flickr User: Richard Elzey. You can learn more about this picture and it’s licence here.





2017 Events from Dziobak Larp Studios

2017 Events from Dziobak Larp Studios

When LARPBook lists events its normally a page of information that gives you dates, locations, costs, genres and so on. Well this event entry is going to be a little different. Dziobak Larp Studios (famous for College of Wizardry and other blockbuster larps), have released their 2017 schedule as a video.

Since these are games of very high quality we feel that they may be of interest to you. So here you are:


If you want to learn more  about Dziobak Larp Studios – here is the link:


LARPBook Show Episode 48: LARP 2016

LARPBook Show Episode 48: LARP 2016

2016 – it may have felt like the year that the Earth was burning to an end. In larp though things were not so bad. In fact they were pretty good. The LARPBook podcast takes a look at 2016.

Our apologies for the technical issues on this episode. We hope the giggling helps.

If you’d like to stream or download the audio version of this show this is where you click.


Special Note: We are rejoined in this episode by Lukas Pittimus Maxius Vulgaris Aurealius Humourius (etc etc etc etc).

  • 2016 a review
  • Total Awesome Viking Power!
  • LARP in 2016!
  • Claus and the Arabian Tails


Facebook Followers up by 260 since January 1st 2016 and we are aiming to do more and be bigger and better in 2017.

Total Awesome Viking Power
Vikings & Pirates has released its first short film, Total Awesome Viking Power, on YouTube. Directed by Morten Forland, it’s about a Viking Larper who’s sentenced by his crew to the Land of the Dead for breaking the “cell phone code of conduct”. There, he comes across the Norse god Odin (who may or may not be the real deal), who teaches him the Ways of the Viking so he can fight, you guessed it, magical ninjas.
Total Awesome Link

Talking Points

  • Has larp taken a turn for the positive in 2016?
  • Will we see more blockbuster larps and what is blockbuster larp
  • The rise of production quality in larps

Response on Childrens Larps – we review the feedback on our project to highlight the larps that work hard to provide a good experience for children. So far we’ve covered the UK and USA, and Europe is up next (Health Warning Rob sings his “Denmark” song during this part of the Podcast).

This Year in LARPBook

We took some time to talk about some of the posts that have come up on in 2016. This is the list of posts we went through – which are accurate at the time this podcast aired. Please note that all Podcast show notes are removed from this list for brevity.

Is Character Death a Good Thing?
Profile ForWyvernstales Larp
UK Pirate Festivals – 2016
The World Went Dark – Photo Gallery

UK LARP Awards 2016 – The Nominations
A Beginners Diary to LARP
UK LARP Awards 2016 – The Results

Two Sets of LARP Rules
Review of The Sword Falls
LARPCON 2016 Report

Larp Safe Walking Sticks
Legion: A Siberian Story
Interview with Dave from the Wilderness Centre
Childrens Larp: A Wilderness Adventure
Twilight Realms: Domination Photo Gallery
20 Minute College of Wizardry Video

Spindle – A LARP Writing Tool – A First Look
LARP Profile: Lichwood Grove
LARP Walking Sticks – Feedback 1

Forest Argent Weekend Event: Caddihoe
Is Adam Savages Tested a Good Place for LARPers?
LARP – Tips for in case of Crew disaster

20 Years of Curious Pastimes
Event: Heathen LRP Event 1
Event: Twilight Realms – Second Son
LARP Profile: Altered Reality
LARP Profile: Balrog Games
LARP Profile: Gisido Larp
Swordcraft in Action
This is about Fiction. But what is LARP but Enacted Fiction?
The Larp Safe Walking Stick
The Larp Safe Walking Stick – Redux

Actual Medieval Techniques as a LARP Combat Inspiration
Event: Forest Argent – The Convergence
Huzzah! -The Punk Rock LARP Anthem!
Interview – Disability and LARP
Kickstarter: Change Blade
LARP Profile: Legends of the Stars

Children in LARP
Curious Pastimes – Renewal 2016 Photo Gallery
LARP Profile: Twilight Realms
Taking a Look at Ork LARP

LARP Profile: Futures End
Ref Chat from Altered Reality Larp
Reflections Caused By Renewal
The Lost Podcast
The Morning After A First LARP

Fairweather Manor – Larp On
Entering Fairweather Manor
Day 1 in the big Fairweather Manor House
Travelling to Fairweather Manor
Childrens LARPs – UK

Writing a World Building Style Guide — Quintessential Editor
Childrens LARPs – USA.

Note that December ends at the date of this podcast – there will be other posts.


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How to Write LARP Characters

How to Write LARP Characters

How do you write a larp character? How do you write a character for blockbuster style larp?  Well this video is a personal, practical and experience based account on how to do this. The lecturer is Edin Sumar. I should add that he is a bit of a mischievous dude and great at pushing and prodding character relationships. These are excellent characteristics for a character designer.

Who should watch this? Well anyone designing a game, anyone trying to create a group of characters and anyone wondering about the process of creating a game, Its a long list but then the character is at core of good larp.

So here is the video.



Childrens LARPs – USA.

Childrens LARPs – USA.

At this initial posting 11th December 2016 this list is short. However I will update this if people let me know about more larps in the USA that accommodate children either through the website or our Facebook page.

The first thing I discovered that American Summer Camp culture includes larp experiences. I was absolutely delighted to see this. This allows children and teens to have an exciting and immersive with groups of their peers, conjoined with the experience and excitement of being away on their own. A god many of these camps build learning  right into the experience and the many of the organisations you’ll in the summer camp section below are absolutely aware of and capitalising on the educational potential of larp. This gives the child a holiday, larp and education rolled into one package.

The Summer Camps

Renaissance Adventures

The Wayfinder Experience

LARP Adventure Program

Wizards and Warriors Summer Camps

Note we’ve not going into details for these camps. Summer camps offer a wide array of stay duration’s, and larps. Though the style seems to be mostly fantasy inspired there is simply too much to cover and sum up in a few short paragraphs. Our recommendation – go take a closer look if at each of them

So lets move on to clubs and groups. There number of larping groups in the USA is enormous. Some of these split some themselves down into local clubs that stem from a larger national whole. This “Chapter” based system is very common in the USA and seems to be the result of having a very large country. The first entrant on the list is an example of such an organisation.


Larpcraft is a major system that runs events across the USA and I believe that it also has a number of International groups as well. Though Larpcraft is designed for players of 13 years of age or higher their rules also state that children can be taken to games provided there is a parent of guardian present. We’ve had a number of people anedotaly quoting Larpcraft as providing a supportive environment for younger players via its members.




Special thanks to Aaron Vanek, Zorts (Via Reddit)


The picture used in this post is via LARPBooks own Stuart Edwards.

Writing a World Building Style Guide — Quintessential Editor

This guide comes from the blog of the Quintessential Editor – which is a good read.  This particular piece is designed for writers. However if you are looking to create a world for a larp – there is good guidance here.

Today, I wanted to talk about style guides. No, not the Chicago Manual of Style. I’m talking about self-generated style guides that serve as a bible for your universe(s). I’ve been working with the Human Legion recently, and I’ve spent some time organizing world buildings notes spanning multiple authors. Different authors, writing different series, but […]

via Writing a World Building Style Guide — Quintessential Editor

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