Event Name: The World Went Dark

Event Description: Event Two For The World Went Dark

With Cold Ash in ruins, its inhabitants, dead or scattered thanks to slavers, rats and then the left hand throwing themselves at the town, it is time for the survivors to look to a place of safety.

Cold Ash as they found was not the safe haven the radio message delcared it do be.

However, another settlement, larger, longer standing and better built has let its name be known over the radio waves and around fires…. Dustbowl.

To Dustbowl people trudge, some with vehicles gun the engines in the hopes of reaching it before the winter kicks in, for winter is not a time to be on the roads, too many eyes watch them for those struggling.

Start Date: 5th August 2016
End Date: 7th August 2016
Event Cost: £100

Event Contact Details

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669718689813950/

Email: [email protected]




The image used for this post is by Flickr user: Thierry Ehrmann

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