Actually to be fair the full title is A Games Convention and Mini Comic Con. Its running on the 19th of September 2015 in Newport (the one in South Wales with a famous transporter bridge).

Normally LARPBook only covers LARP Cons (no real surprise there). However Dragondaze in addition to a truly excellent selection of role-playing and wargames will also be hosting 2 Larps.

Larps appearing as part of a con is something I like the idea of. Putting a Larp into the greater geek community is good for reaching out to possible new players. Its also cool to run a Larp in a convention venue as the nature of being indoors and perhaps in a room or two should lead to some creative gaming experiences.

The games being hosted in this years Dragondaze are

Black Legacy – A Warhammer 40k Freeform game. It’s designed to be an intense games based around the WH40K Inquisition background. There’s no need to understand the back story or the WH40K universe. All will be explained.

For more details and advance booking the link is:

City of Brass: Underture – This game is set in Hells capital city of Dis and the players are Demon Socialites. This playing of the game will be serving as a play-test. Meaning I suspect we’ll hear more of City of Brass in the future.

For more details and advance booking the link is:

If you’ve never attended DragonDaze before – well you should consider it. The event is very family friendly. It’s a great place to meet gamers and try out new ideas. It’s also raising money for Barnardos Young Carers. So at the very least turn up and support a great cause.

If you’d like to know more here are the links:

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