Date: May 30th to May 31st

Location: Dalehead Bunkhouse, Peak District

Genre: Horror (HP Lovecraft Inspired)

Players with accommodation: £70
Players with no accomodation: £50
Crew £20 by agreement with organiser

The game runs from 12pm on Saturday for a maximum of 12 hours.

All tickets include lunch of Saturday, evening meal. Overnight tickets also include breakfast on Sunday.

Background Story / Description

Autumn 1929, the notorious Dr Smitt is missing along with rest of the members of his archaeological expedition, rumor has it he’s found something of great importance and value whilst investigating artifacts discovered during the renovation of an old property deep in the Peak District.

Three unlikely groups find themselves in the area each with their own agenda, can they discover what happened and survive to complete their goals?

Strange investigations presents The Lost Expedition, a Lovecraft inspired game of investigation, puzzle solving and mind bending horror.

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