The Parhelion team have an event coming up in April 2015 at Oakraven Field Centre. Here;s the description of the coming event:

Come one come all, and show off your talents.
In celebration of a Fertile year. The Springs Horizon Festival is a chance for everyone to compete equally in a variety of challenges from magic to craft.

Event Name: The Springs Horizon Festival, a Parhelion Event
Event Start Date: 10/04/2015
Event Finish Date: 12/04/2015
Event Costs: £60

  • -£5 for students, NHS, Benefits.
  • -£5 early bird paid before March 15th
  • Group discount 10 players for £500
  • Crew Free
  • all 4 games this year paid together (£200)

The game will consist of 20 – 25 player places and 5 – 10 crew places

More details at the Parhelion Web Site:

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