This year I managed to attend the 2015 Larp awards and Larp Awareness Party in Leicester. My one word review in the LARPBook Podcast was  “Wonderful”.  This where I get to explain why.

Like just about every other LARP related event I’ve been to the atmosphere was splendidly friendly. This seems to be endemic in LARP. Everyone is just plain pleasant to everyone else making all experiences good. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I felt as if I was in the presence of friends. That on its own is probably enough for a “Wonderful”.

I arrived at lunch time on the Saturday. In other words things had been open for a couple of hours and the event was already busy. The LARP Awareness party at this time had taken over the hotel and completely filled its car park.

Busy or not it was easy to spot the areas for talks, tourney and so own. The traders area had its own special kind of bazaar like quality and I was very impressed with the quality of goods on display. LARP Costuming in particular is now reaching the kind of quality you’d expect to see on film (in fact I’m sure I’ve spotted kit from LARP suppliers on shows such as Atlantis).

Moving on later in the afternoon we were treated to Johnny Ball giving a talk. As to be expected the topics included maths. It also turns out that in he knows his audience and had everyone laughing. If I have any complaint here it is that I wish the sound had been louder as it was at times difficult to hear what was being said.

Coming into the evening we had the Awards themselves. The room was crowded  and the dresses deserved a red carpet to be seen on. Things started a little late (Johnny Ball had gone missing). Fortunately we had the Crap Illusionist. His magic really was crap. His ability to make us all laugh was not.

Finally the awards themselves were raucous, very funny and entirely a Johnny Ball vehicle. Essentially he muddled his way into hijacking the whole thing.  Not that anyone minded – not if the looks of stunned amazement and laughing where anything to go by. Some live events simply cannot be repeated and this was one of those and all the better it was for it. Mr Ball also showed great support for LARP Aid by offering costumes free of charge – if  you made donation to the charity. A fantastic move that.

Now I cannot wait for next years awards.

That’s enough talking here are some photos from the event


I also took a number of sound recordings. Most of these have ended up on the podcast.

Here are two more.

First Gems Trading talking about their award


Finally an introduction to Parhelion Larp

I really loved the enthusiasm that this game was introduced to me. Very infections and I love that in the running of a larp.


I’d also like to thank LARP Inn  who gave me a home and base in the Traders room – thank you very much

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