The following comes from Luke Pitt. The man with a plan – and the plan is to bring Larpers together with professional stuntman and swordsmaster Kevin McCurdy.

This plan will take place at to be disclosed location in South Wales in the Not Too Distant Future

Here is the plan:

I have a plan……

This one is so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!!.

On speaking to our good friend Kevin McCurdy this morning we discussed how quickly time goes by and how it was a crying shame we have not done another stage fighting event since our last one kindly organised in Cwmbran.. with that we decided that it was about time we did another one……!

“Who’s with me?” I shouted, which was a shame as I was in the library at the time but no matter, im sure the three year ban will pass as quickly as Kev’s court order has…. and as we both laughed nervously we got straight back onto the subject………….

So, we are looking for around twenty LARPer or just interested parties to express some enthusiasm in a day of figuratively kicking the crap out of each other with food thrown up….IN IN….for good measure.

I should explain for those that don’t know Kev, he is one of the industries most celebrated stage choreographers (slash hack….((sorry)) ) directors in the business and he undertakes these one day courses where he teaches us how to fight safely and as realistically as they do in the TV and Films. Kev has worked with some of the best in the business and I have to say these days create some of my best memories and I still giggle at what we did on the last event…..thats right, they’re that good!!

So if you’re interested, or even just mildly curious, then please let me know and Ill tell you more.

No fixed price, date or location as of yet, this is just to see if we can get some interest going..

If you are interested contact LARPBook at our contact page and I will pass the message on.

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