This Halloween weekend (Friday October 31st and Saturday November 1st). Twilight LARP are running 2 events back to back. Here are the details

Friday 31st – Needs

Dependency, Addiction, Irrational Behaviour. They can affect all of our lives and in small doses cause no harm. But what when they start to take over? What when you can’t function without? Do you need drugs, television, do you have too many cats? Can’t you stop washing your hands?

Dr. Ian Farne can help you, at one of his exclusive round table meetings you can discuss your problem constructively with a group of people just like you. You can help each other with the healing process, but most importantly Dr Farne’s revolutionary new treatment can cure you. You can function and a normal, well adjusted human being again.

Isn’t that worth any price?


This modern day horror based scenario will take place over one evening. You will need to create a character with an interesting back story but most importantly your character will be suffering from some addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder or the like. Any discussion about your character should be kept away from other players until the evening. Please discuss it with the refs but not other players.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.


Saturday 1st November: Blight

You are from a small village some distance away from the capital. Occassionally the young march off to the big city – defending the nation and all that. Others settle down to a life of worship, or find a craft which serves the community.

Then there was the town meeting. A letter had been sent from a neigbouring town. It talks of a curse. It talks of blighted crops. A town like your own…. in the grips of some evil.

The mayor will not reveal the full content of the letter to the crowd before him. But he asks for voluteers to travel to this town and find the cause of this evil, before it spreads here. Before it comes to your home.


This scenario is set in a fantasy world that has medieval level technology. While magic exists it is rare and frowned upon. It is a new environment – different from Twilight Realms.

For this event we would like you to create characters that will fit into this world. We will be using an extremely simple rule system and are looking for interesting characters more than powerful ones. You may only play humans in this setting.

We’re looking for warriors, men and women of the cloth, perhaps more underhanded individuals with another motive…. You are not limited by a character class.

Talk it through with us and we’ll help with background information and flesh out your story.

Once you have decided who and what you are we’ll give you more information from the mayor and put you in touch with other volunteers from the same town.


The cost of the weekend is £50

The events are being held at Oakraven Field Centre

To learn more about this scenario contact the Twilight Realms Group on Facegroup. Here’s the address:

If you’re wondering why Twilight Realms and Twilight then here comes the explanation. Twilight is run by the Twilight Realms Crew. Whereas Twilight Realms was focussed on an ongoing campaign in a high fantasy world these new games are based on a very simple rules system and be from a variety of settings (or realms).


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