Event Name: The Price of a Crown

This is a murder mystery event with heavy role play

Date: Summer Solstice  – June 21st  – 6.30 – 10pm

Location: Pitstone Green Musuem

Story and setting: The loved king, Tobias, has died in his sleep!There are rumours that his death was not a natural one…Traces of a rare poison “Mercy of Freya” have been found near the body.

You are now invited to the funeral feast of the late king Tobias. This is, despite the occasion, a great opportunity
to become the hero of the realm by solving the mystery of his murder, alternatively you may feel the time is right to
forge new alliances, create trade agreements and even increase your influence and support for those in the line of succession.

Event Web Page: http://www.trollsbridge.co.uk/the-price-of-a-crown/4583801197

Event Forums: http://trollsbridge.freeforums.org/the-price-of-a-crown-t5.html

Event Costs:

  • Early Bird Promotion:  £24.99 if booked by the 8th of June.
  • Normal Prebooking Price:  £27.
  • Gate Price:  £30


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