Of Larvae, Maggots and Sand Worms

Earlier on today I caught a link to a page describing how to make a Shai Hulud costume that was originally made for Halloween. It was a cheap and easy solution to making a worm costume.

If you’d like to know how to make a man sized giant worm. Here’s the link


The Shai-Hulud costume can be converted to any kind of wormy, maggoty, larval stage thing. Which is useful as those things that squirm about are a useful creature. I remember a game where giant maggots played out a significant scene. Those maggots costume were based on sleeping bags. Things got very  hot in them (stripping off was the only way to go), and whilst successful as an encounter they  weren’t a costume you’d want to wear often. The Shai- Hulud costumes looks reasonably comfortable to wear as tubes go.

So consider the worms. Great for horror, SF and fantasy.



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